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How do you fix a clogged ejector pump?

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there is two ways you can fix this problem take it to an oil lube center and have them clean your injectors or youy can buy injector cleaner from an auto store and put it the gas tank on an empty tank

2006-07-19 16:54:39
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How can you fix a toilet in the basement on a sewage ejector pump if when you flush it a large bubble of air comes up from the waste pipe out through the bowl?

Check to see if the tank is full... if it is check why the pump is not emptying it. If it is empty then there is probably a clogged or missing vent.

Clogged brake line repair?

To fix a clogged brake line, first find the clog. Then, remove the clogged line from the cylinder. Attach a new line, and pump the car's brake to test it before driving.

What does an ejector on a pump do?

An ejector pump is a tool used usually in basements when the sewer fails to flow beneath the basement floor. Basically the function of this tool is to pump water so that the sewer in the basement could work continually.

What is a foot valv e?

Base of a sump pump ot sewerage ejector

What happens if your fuel pump is blocked or clogged?

it won't pump fuel.

How do you fix the shell ejector on a 30-30 Glenfield Model 30A?

If you removed the bolt, you probably lost the ejector spring. A new one can be had from Numrich Gun Parts. To replace the ejector spring, remove the bolt, and take out the spring from the bottom of the receiver just behind the ejector port.

Why Floorboards are wet on passenger side 2001 Jeep Cherokee Limited?

some pump underneath the passenger side floor is clogged. unsure of what pump it is though. Mine was like that too. Cost around $200 to fix.

Why oil pump losing pressure?

either your oil pump screen is clogged or you need a new pump

How do you fix a clogged shower on virtual families?

not possible

How do you change a fuel pump on a 2004 Volvo s80?

Pull the bottom half of the rear seat out and you can get to the access panels for the pump and the ejector tube.

Ejector pump keeps running?

If the ejector pumps keeps running, it may have a faulty shut-off sensor. The best thing to do is to try replacing the sensor and see if that corrects the problem.

Why is oil pressure low on s10 pickup?

The oil could be dirty or the filter could be clogged. The oil pump screen could be clogged or the pump could be going bad.

How do you fix clogged catalytic converter on 1999 catera?

Replace it

Can you fix clogged radiator?

yes take it out and T bag it

Why wont you get fuel when the pump is running?

Either the fuel filter is clogged or the fuel pump is defective, even if it is a new pump.

Why isn't washer fluid spraying the back window in 2004 trailblazer?

You really can't figure this out? It's either out, clogged, the line is broken, or the pump is bad. Did you do anything to try to fix it?

Can a clogged fuel filter keep a fuel pump from working?

A clogged fuel filter can actually cause a fuel pump to fail. This is a much more expensive repair than a filter.

How do you change the washer fluid pump on a 1999 Lincoln Continental?

is it out or just clogged, if its out the pump should be attached to the washer bottle on the bottom, but check to see if its clogged first, take it apart.

How do you fix water pump on my Sims agents?

first u fix the water pump

How do you fix the clogged shower on virtual families?

Drag them to the red boxes in the workroom , they will automatically fix the shower

What tools can be used to fix a clogged sink?

The most nessecary tools needed to fix a clogged sink are a plunger to extract the material clogging the sink and a sewer snake to hook and extract the debris.

What would cause a 1988 ford ranger fuel pump not to work?

If pump not coming on: 1. Fuse 2. the pump itself 3. maybe a relay if you hear pump come on 1. clogged fuel filter 2. clogged fuel pump screen 3. problem with injectors / carburetor

Why is my oil pressure light going on at idle on my Oldsmobile alero?

The oil pressure is dropping at this time. A clogged oil filter, clogged oil pump screen or failing oil pump can be the cause.

Car not getting fuel?

Bad fuel pump, blown fuel pump fuse, bad fuel pump relay, or clogged filter.

What is the reason behind fuel pump fault in diesel generator?

electrical usually. the pump is not functioning or the filter is clogged.