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How do you fix a gas gauge that reads full one second and then reads empty the next on a 2000 Buick century?


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My experience is with a 2002 Impala so this may not apply, however since I had an identical problem and it is a GM product also, here goes: The fuel level sending unit had corroded, bent, contacts. My unit was inside the gas tank and requires quite a bit of work to remove. A very helpful website for this is www.impalahq.com


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fuel gauge on my 99 buick centry custom stays at full , then drops to empty. Is there a fuse or relay that i can have my neighbor look at it

Connect a freon tank and gauge to the Buick Century low side ac port. Start the car and turn the ac to high. Open the tank and allow freon to flow. Shut the tank off when the gauge reads full.

fuel gauge quit working on 1997 buick park ave. what is it?

I need to know how to change the temperature gauge from Celsius to Fahrenheit on a 2012 Buick LaCrosse

broken fuel gauage sensor or possibly a broken fuel pump indicator

That depends entirely on the vehicle and on how accurate the gauge is.

Connect a freon gauge and freon tank to the low side ac port. With the engine running and ac on high, open the freon tank to fill the system to the full line on the gauge.

A Buick with a 3.8 liter engine does not have an oil pressure switch. There is an oil pressure gauge. The gauge can be accessed by removing the dashboard panel. Unhook the wiring harness to the gauge. Reverse the process to replace the gauge.

probably no gas, if there is gas then your gauge in the tank is broken or frozen

Either the gauge is broken or the sender is broken.

have an experience mechanic test you fuel pump fuel level sensor, which is part of the fuel pump, ground the wires and if the gauge pecks gauge is good. if it don't you have to replace your cluster which is a seal item and must be replaced as a unit. do not try this yourself.

I would assume that the wires are hooked up backwards

Your fuel sending unit is not giving the correct reading to your gauge

Happens to every one of these cars...question answered here http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_easiest_way_to_reset_the_needles_on_the_fuel_and_temperature_gauges_on_a_1997_Buick_Park_Avenue

If the outside temperature gauge is not reading the right temperature on a Buick Regal, perhaps it has become damaged. It can also not read the right temperature if it is wet or covered with dirt or snow.

Where is it stuck? on full or empty? if on full you got a bad ground, if empty you got a bad float.

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