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How do you fix a misfire on a Deawoo Nexia?



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Nexia Misfire Causes

There are 2 possible causes for the misfire on the Nexia:- Electrical or fuel. It would help to know if the misfire becomes worse on a damp day. This would indicate an electrical ignition problem. If this is the case the problem is normally found either in the distributor or the coil. clean off the distributor cap inside and out and look for cracks or signs of "arching out" (high tension electrical leakage between contacts), tapping the cap with a light instrument will normally give you an audible signal if the cap is seriously cracked. Check the electrical rotor arm inside the distributor for wear, breakage, or arching out. If all is well clean all contacts and refit the distributor cap. Now check the coil which is mounted on the distributor side of the engine and fixed to the inside of the wheel arch. Many misfire problems have been caused by the coil arching out, especially in damp weather. The problem normally occurs when the "High Tension" lead that is plugged into the coil output socket allows a spark to leap between the output socket and the metal body of the coil which is connected to the body. Over time the misfire gets worse as the spark burns away more insulation. Once again clean of any dirt with a cloth and examine the coil carefully for cracks or signs of arching out. I always find that if you have a fairly regular misfire it is easier to open up your bonnet at night and look for signs of arching out in the darkness as the sparks are easier to see. The rest of the electrical system will normally give a complete breakdown should part of it fail so it is unlikely that it is anything else. If after doing these things you cannot find a problem with the electrical ignition then the fuel distribution system must be suspected. This is difficult to diagnose as special computerized equipment is required to check the various fuel elements fitted to the engine. Sorry but it means a trip to the garage. .