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How do you fix a rear passenger door handle on a MK4 VW Golf with child lock enabled so the door cannot be opened from the inside The handle pulls and clicks but nothing happens?

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2014-03-10 17:50:46

Nah, if you mean that the door's stuck because the childlock is

on and the exterior handle doesn't work then there IS a fix!!!!

VW were no help, quoting silly money. Here's how to do


Firstly, open the door handle on the side that works and look

into the part that is exposed only when the handle is pulled. There

should be a small black plastic oblong piece visible situated in

the exposed slot. The handle that doesn't work will not have this

piece of plastic visible as it's slipped off!!!

Take one plastic coathanger, the cheap kind that comes with

t-shirts etc. Unscrew the wire 'u' piece to expose the screw thread

at the end. Straighten the piece of wire as much as possible but

leave some of it curved at the 'blunt' end.

Next, unlock the car door with the fob ensuring all the door

buttons are raised. Pull open the door handle and there, where the

piece of plastic should be, place the threaded end of the

coathanger metal down through it. you don't have to insert it too

far to go to achieve the aim here. What you're trying to do is feel

for the piece of metal that this missing plastic piece is attached

to on the lock side. Be patient here but it WILL work.

Feel around and any time you feel the threaded end of the

coathanger metal against something, put some sidewards pressure on

it to increase the force applied and pull. After a time, the small

plate attached to the errant plastic 'bullet' will come forwards

and the door will spring open.

If I could post pics here I would but feel free to email me on


Trust me- it works a peach!!

Meant to say that the permanent fix after that is dead simple.

Open door, follow the door seal down and just opposite the latch

mechanism is a rubber grommet which is attached to the door seal.

Prise this out and stick a torx head inside. Hold open handle and

unscrew thus a few turns at a tume. Eventually (making sure not to

unscrew it tooooo much) the smaller handle trim piece, the less

llonger part of the exterior door handle will come off.

Look inside and you'll see the piece of wire with the small

plastic 'bullet' on the end. Fish it out and re-attach it to the

door handle. I placed a small piece of Blu-tac her to help it seat

and retain it there to avoid another episode.

Re-assemble, drive to a VW dealership and pee on their front


Job done!!

Childlock - turn the black button with your key, this button is

located on the actual rear door on the section you cannot see when

the door is shut, there is a picture of a child and a lock, easy


Awesome answer, worked like a charm but it needed a straightened

wire coathanger with a 5mm hook bent into the end to catch the


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