How do you fix a stuck valve?

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Q: How do you fix a stuck valve?
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How do you fix a float that is stuck?

The float could be stuck because of stuck needle valve, or rust. The float could also be leaking and be full of fuel.

How do you fix a stuck exhaust valve on a small block Chevy?

Gonna have to pull the head and find out what's wrong. Could be a bent valve.

Why is your trumpet valve stuck?

Your trumpet valve sticks because it is to dry if you want to fix it buy some valve oil undo the valves and put some along the metal piece.

How do you fix a stuck valve on a 8 horse Tecumseh engine?

Take the head off and replace BOTH valves.

How do you fix a furnance main gas valve that is stuck in open position replaced thermostat and new wire no help worked fine last year?

You replace the gas valve.

How do you fix an euphoniums valves when stuck?

Unscrew the cap on the top of the valve and pull out the valve. Make sure it is clean and apply valve oil to the valve. Depending on how stuck it is and if the euphonium has not been played in a long time will determine how much valve oil you will have to use. After you have oiled the valve put the valve back in, making sure the guide is lined up, and then screw back on the top cap finger tight. If the valve is really stuck and you can not get it out you should take the euphonium to a instrument repair shop so you don't damage the instrument.

How do you fix a furnace main gas valve that is stuck in closed position - Thermostat does not always cause main burner to light?

If your main gas valve is stuck in the closed position, it must be replaced. This condition is the reason your thermostat will not cause the main burners to light.

Is the PCV valve on an 05 Chevy sliverado fixed or do they sometimes get stuck in the valve cover?

It is just stuck,

How do you unfreez an open valve on a Yamaha 110 dirt bike o dirt bike?

odds are if the valve is stuck open it is either bent(from over rev/valve float), or siezed in the guide(over heating). no easy fix sry

I overtightened the rockers on my 1990 Chevy 350 and need to know how to free a stuck valve spring as when i backed them off 1 valve spring is staying compressed about half an inch?

Sounds like you bent the valve. You'll have to pull the head to fix it.

What is code 37 on a 1994 XJ6?

A code 37 on a Jaguar XJ6 means either your EGR solenoid or EGR valve is bad. Most of the time the valve is simply stuck open and it is a very easy fix.

What does it mean if egr valve is stuck in closed performance position?

The valve has failed.The valve has failed.

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