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Well if its loose like mine was (where it flops up and down) You will find a pin missing that locks it into place. Basically it holds it into one of three positions. Replace the pin lots of options at hardware store if you cant get the original.

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Q: How do you fix a tilt wheel on a 1993 Pontiac grand am?
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Did Pontiac fieros have tilt wheel?

It was a very common option.

How do you convert a tilt wheel to a non tilt wheel on a F150?

you take out whatever is making the tilt thingy tilt and it becomes non-tiltable

How do you get the tilt on the steering wheel on a Chevrolet 1988 celebrity?

If your car has a tilt wheel it is operated by a short lever below the turn signal. Pull back on the lever to tilt the wheel.

How do you change the 3 back spark plugs in a 1992 pontiac grand prix?

You must loosen the top motor mount and tilt the engine forward.

Where are the washer jets located on a 2001 Pontiac grand am?

They are on the actual blade assembly. Tilt them back & you wil see the fluid line line on the backside.

Is there a way to change the ignition switch on a 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1 liter automatic transmission tilt steering without pulling the column?


Your 1994 Pontiac grand am tilt column has come apart how can you fix it?

Unfortunately, tilt wheels are fairly complex and your question can't be answered here. Sorry. The problem seem to be a common one for this make, model and year of the car, and is caused by a loosening of the metal pin that holds the steering portion of the wheel in place upon the steering column. You can opt to use a hammer and chisel to pound the metal pin back into the column on your own to get it to hold up the steering wheel, however, since this is actually a common occurrence, specifically for the 1994 Pontiac Grand AM, according to GM dealership mechanics, the price is about $300 to have it done by a licensed professional that knows how to reset the airbag system that's in the steering wheel.

What is a tilt?

its called a tilt wheel. Not used in old VW beetles

What is tilt?

its called a tilt wheel. Not used in old VW beetles

1998 ford escort zx2 how do you tilt the steering wheel?

The 98 escort zx2 did not come with a tilt steering wheel

What is a tilt wheel?

It is a steering wheel that can be adjusted to different angles.

How do you tilt the steering wheel?

some models dont tilt... mine doesnt

When was the tilt a wheel invented?


Cars what does tilt mean?

Usually means the car has a tilt (adjustable) steering wheel.

Why won't the tilt steering wheel on a 1994 buick skylark lock?

There are two metal things that hold on to the wheel when the tilt is adjusted. They probably broke off.

Why does the headlights goes out on a 98 Tahoe when you tilt the steering wheel?

You have broken wires in the tilt wheel. You will need to take the steering wheel off and start looking for a broken wire in the steering column somewhere. You will have to have a steering wheel puller to get it off.

How do you fix a wobbly steering wheel on a 1993 Ford Econoline van with tilt steering column?

i have a 1993 ford f 150 truck , it has the same problem, i removed the steering wheel and found a bad bearing. i just need a schematic drawing to see how to replace, and to see the order in which to remove.

Where is the radiator fan located on a Pontiac Grand Am SE?

the fan is located in front of the radiator you should be able to see it. its not a very big fan though. tilt your head a little and you should se it.

Why is the 1997 Villager's tilt steering wheel so limited?

For the 1997 Mercury Villager, the limited tilt steering wheel is very limited. This is likely due to design constraints.

How to tilt a tilt steering wheel in Hyundai accent 2002?

Depends on if your car is equipped with tilting capabilities. I have an 02 GL as well and it does not tilt, unfortunately that was an option.

How do you tilt the steering wheel on a 1999 Mazda miata? can't tilt it! I think they added that feature in about 2008.

Does the tilt steering wheel in a Mazda Millinia have a fuse?

Yes it does.

Can a tilt steering wheel that is loose or sloppy be fixed?


How do you move the steering wheel in a 92 Toyota Paseo?

If you have tilt steering, there should be a switch or little pull lever on the left side of the steering wheel, but i havent had a tilt in any of my Paseo's xP

How do you tilt the steering?