How do you fix a timing belt?

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I'm sorry, again, a question without specific detail. The real answer the to this particular question as it is read, is, You don't! You throw it away. Belts are not fixed, they are replaced. You need to include for what car or engine and yr, ok.

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Q: How do you fix a timing belt?
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How do you fix broken timing belt chain?

The only fix for broken timing belt or chain is to replace it.

How do I fix a timing belt for a 20014x4 450 four-wheeler?

How do I fix a timing belt for a 2001 4x4 450 four wheeler

How do you install timing belt on 1993 Mazda MPV 3.0?

how much does it cost to fix a timing belt.

How much it costs to fix timing belt on Honda Prelude?

The cost to fix a timing belt on a Honda Prelude will vary depending on labor costs, parts, and location. On average, prices will start at about $400 to change the timing belt.

My Pontiac Sunfire jumped time how do you fix it?

To fix the Pontiac Sunfire if it jumped time, the timing belt has to be replaced. Then the car has to have the timing set again after the belt is replaced.

How can I fix a Mitsubishi 2.0 timing belt?

To fix a Mitsubishi 2.0 timing belt, one will need a crank pulley. Simply pull the crank pulley and the top right engine mount to put the timing belt in its proper position.

How do you fix the timing belt for a acura integra gsr none vtech?

The GSR always had VTEC. Do you want to adjust your Timing, or replace the Timing Belt?

How much can I expect the replacement of a timing belt to cost me?

Unfortunately this can be an expensive fix, especially if the timing belt damaged any other parts when it broke. If you are driving fast when the belt breaks, it can cause damage to the engine too. On average, the timing belt alone plus labor can cost about $800 - $1,000.00 to fix.

How do you fix a timing belt for a 1994 dodge van?

Full size 1994 Dodge Van does not have a timing belt, but instead has a timing chain and gears on front of engine behind water pump.

How do you fix the timing in a 1995 single cam 2.0 dodge neon?

AnswerThe timing is controled by the sensors and the computer, it can't be adjusted.You can if the timing belt is stretched! Replace your timing belt and the hydraulic tensioner and it should repair the bad timing.

How do you replace a timing belt on a Hyundai accent 2001?

i need to know how to fix the timig belt on a 2001 hyundia accent?

The timing belt from my car a Mazda MIllenia broke I want to know if my car could get fix or not?

timing belts are fairly easy to fix ,you need the # on the belt to get the right replacement ,go to an auto body shop,they know how to do this job.

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