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You can rebuild a wheel cylinder but, my advice would be to just replace it with a new factory rebuilt one. You need to also replace the brake shoes at the same time. They are more likely soaked with brake fluid and are ruined. Replace both sides at the same time. Also, while you are doing this repair, I recommend you replace all the brake fluid in the system with fresh fluid from an unopened container, and bleed the brakes in this sequence. Start at the Right Rear, then LR, RF, and finish at the LF. The cause of the leaking wheel cylinder is probably water in the system that cause the cylinder to rust and leak.

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Q: How do you fix a wheel cylinder leak on a 1991 cutlass?
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What can leak on a rear drum brake?

Brake wheel cylinder or axle sealBrake wheel cylinder or axle seal

How do you repair brake fluid leak?

Where's the leak? Wheel cylinder, repair or replace, rusted line, replace, master cylinder, repair or replace.

No brake pressure on a 1986 VW Cabriolet?

Master cylinder empty (no brake fluid) Leak in brake line or wheel cylinder Defective master cylinder

Why does fluid leak out of rear brake cylinder?

There are 2 rubber seals on each end of the wheel cylinders and there leaking. REPLACE THE WHEEL CYLINDERS.

What causes brake fluid to leak from the rear wheel area on a Jeep Liberty 3.7?

Failed caliper, wheel cylinder, hose, or line.

2004 Buick LaSabre Oil leak passenger side rear wheel area what could it be?

That sounds like a wheel cylinder leaking brake fluid.

What causing you to add brake fluid weekly?

Obviously you have a leak. Can be leaking at a caliber or wheel cylinder, which you can see on the backside of the wheel/tire. Can be leaking at a fitting, or at the master cylinder itself. You are just going to have to get under there and start looking.

Where could a break line leak be in the rear of aBonneville 2003?

It could be at the wheel brake cylinder or a junction at the rear axle.

2000 dodge ram How do you fix a brake fuild leak that is coming out of your brake drum?

The wheel cylinder has failed and will need replaced.

Why might a 1991 Chevy Cavalier 4 cylinder idle too high?

Check for vacuum leak or faulty EGR valve.

How do you fix a leak going to the back brakes on a 2000 dodge ram 1500?

Replace brake lines or wheel cylinder which ever is leaking

Does oil get on tires when pads need to be change?

No, worn pads have nothing to do with oil on tires. You may have a leak in the wheel cylinder of the tire that has oil on it,

Why does the brake pedal on 1995 F-250 leak down when pressed?

You could have a leaking wheel brake cylinder. It could also be a bad brake line or a bad master cylinder.

What does it mean when a brake sensor comes on last time it came on you had a leak in the line and had to have it replaced no leak this time stumped please help?

Is the brake system low on fluid? If it is, there may be a wheel cylinder leaking.

Why do you lose brake pressure?

You ONLY lose brake pressure if you have a leak somewhere ! - This can be in any wheel cylinder , the master cylinder, or a fractured brake line. Till you find the leak, keep your master cylinder topped up daily.If the brake fluid reservoir remains full and the brake pedal sinks to the floor as you are waiting at a stop light, the master cylinder is at fault.

Why do the engine leaks water from the exhausts?

You possibly have a leak in the cylinder head gasket.You possibly have a leak in the head gasket.

Why is do you have to put clutch fluid in 3 times a day on my 1997 cavalier?

Leak in master cylinder? Leak in slave cylinder? Leak in tubing from master to slave cylinders?

What would cause fluid to leak on the rear passenger tire of a 2002 Ford F150?

I have to believe that it would be a bad wheel cylinder that controls the back brakes.

What does it mean in your car if all your brake fluid drains and brake pedal will now go to the floor?

You have a leak. It could be from the master cylinder, lines, calipers, hoses, or wheel cylinders. Add fluid, pump the pedal, and look for the leak.

What causes an oil leak in a 2000 Honda accord ex four cylinder car?

I don't know but I just took my 2000 Honda with serious oil leak to the passager side near the front wheel. any suggestions? I had a mechanic replace an 0 ring but that did not stop the leak.

Where would coolant leak from the head gasket?

The coolant will normally leak into the oil or into the cylinder

What causes the brake pedal to go soft?

A leak in the brake system. Fluid has leaked out and air is now in your lines. This can be from a brake cylinder at wheel or in master cylinder, or even worse a rusted brake line. Check and repair it NOW.

How do you fix a master cylinder leak on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

Replace the master cylinder.

Why do the rear brakes lock up on a Chevy Cavalier?

It's usually caused by a leak in your wheel cylinder. The part itself is around $10.00, but be careful when you remove the brake line, it is very easy to break. It could also be: the rear brakes were wrongly made by the manufacture and so were the specs dispersed to all other companies to it warps horribly the wheel cylinder master cylinder.

You just replaced the brakes on your 1991 dodge Dakota and drove for about 2 weeks then one day you had no brakes What is wrong?

Could be several reasons. Check the level of brake fluid in the reservoir. If one of the chambers is empty you have a leak, probably a rotted brake line, bad brake hose, caliper, master cylinder or wheel cylinder. Inspect all the brake lines from the master to each wheel, you will find a wet spot somewhere. Repair as necessary and bleed the system.