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How do you fix an oil leak on a gm 3800 that is leaking around the oil filter housing?

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βˆ™ 2009-06-03 13:38:12

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My understanding is that it is not the oil filter housing leaking, that can be verified with a $2.00 replacement seal, and replaced by owner with a bit of ability, and tools, but it is more likely the timing chain cover that is leaking, with an estimated cost to repair of around $700, and that is mostly due to the shop labor for just getting to it.

2009-06-03 13:38:12
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Location of air filter 1997 Buick LeSabra 3800 engine?

Driver's side front of engine in a plastic housing

How to remove the oil filter on a 3800 motor?

Twist filter counter-clockwise.

What oil filter fits a 2004 Impala with a 3800 motor?

An ACDelco PF47 is an original equipment oil filter for that 04 Impala 3800 engine.

What does carquest filter 85551 fit?

1998 international 3800 external transmission filter

Where would oil be leaking from above the oil filter?

What kind of car and engine. These are required to answer the question 1994 Pontiac Boniville 3800 engine code L The oil pressure sending unit is located just above the oil filter, that is one possibility.

Whats the oil capacidy with filter for 3800 buick?

4.3 liters

Where is the silencer on a supercharger for a 3800?

The air filter is refered to as an intake silencer.

3800 engine oil sensor location?

right above the oil filter

What is the oil capacity of a 1998 3800 Engine?

With filter change it is 5 quarts.

Where is the oil sending unit on a 2000 buick 3800 motor?

the 3800 oil sending unit should be on the side of the block. It is screwed in right beside of the oil filter.

How much oil do you put in a 3800 v6 Buick Lacrosse?

The 3800 engine take approx. 4 1/2 quarts of oil with filter replacement. TechJK --------------------------------------------------

What is the oil capacity of a 1991 3800 Engine?

4.5 quarts without oil filter change, 4.75 quarts with oil filter change.

What is the oil capacity for a 1200cc Yamaha Vmax?

3500 milliliters without change oil filter and 3800 milliliters with change oil filter

Where is the lower bolt on the engine mount housing of a1998 Buick LaSabre 3800?

You can get to it from under car on passenger side.

What is 3756 rounded to the nearest hundred?

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What is the horsepower of a 1998 lumina 3800 motor?

possibly around 180hp if you are talking about the non s/c 3800 (l36)

Howmuchoil does a Buick lesabre hold?

3.8 or 3800? 4.5 quarts with filter. About eight cases in the trunk.

Will a Fram TG3980 Fit on a 2002 Pontiac GP 3800 engine?

you need a Fram 3387 filter

Where is the oil sending unit on a 2001 Bonneville with a 3800 engine?

it is just above the oil filter remove oil filter and then remove the oil sending unit

Where is the thermostat located on a 1998 Buick Regal?

Depends on the type of engine, but in 3800 type, remove the plastic hood (the one that bears the number: 3800) and the thermostat housing should be on the right side. Follow the upper radiator hose, it is connected to it. On the thermostat housing, you will also find the air bleed valve of the engine.

Where is the oxygen sensor on a 1990 Buick Le Sabre 3800?

The 1990 Buick LeSabre oxygen sensor is located on the outside of the air cleaner housing. The oxygen sensor will be on the back side of the housing.

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