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How do you fix automatic transmission that goes in drive but not in reverse in a 94 KIA Sephia Ls?

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I would think it would be a stuck solenoid, it allows the fluid to run to your drum that hold the clutchs and compresses them together to make the gears move with the shaft

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How long can you drive your automatic transmission without reverse?

until you face a wall.

Automatic transmission feels like emergency brake is on when in drive or reverse?

I had that in a vehicle i used to drive, and they had to replace the whole wiring system inside the transmission

Is it okay to shift automatic transmission from drive to reverse while car is still moving?

Absolutely not.

Will it damage an automatic transmission to not come to a complete stop from reverse prior to going to drive?


Why won't automatic transmission work in drive or reverse?

Its probably the actual transmission itself. It happened to my moms 99 Kia sephia and then it just started working for a few months than the tranny just stopped working all together so I would suggest getting it checked out

What causes 1999 ford ranger automatic transmission don't have drive?

1999 ford ranger has reverse, 1st and 2nd no drive , reverse quits when it gets warm , can you help diagnose

Automatic transmission problem Car will not move when in drive or reverse?

There can be several things that will an automatic transmission not to work properly. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid. Broken shifting linkage can also cause the problem.

Why does my automatic only drive in reverse?

Your transmission needs to be rebuilt ... although - once - I "fixed" that problem by draining & refilling my trany.

What are the gears in an automatic transmission?

P - Parking R - Reverse N - Neutral D - Drive 2 - High Drive With Gear 2 L or 1 - Low Drive

How can you get your automatic transmission unstuck in neutural and drive?

my automatic transmission is stuck in neutral. how do you get it into gear

What would cause a 1998 SL2 Automatic not to drive in reverse when all other gears work fine and all fluids have been topped off?

My daughters 1997 Saturn SC2 coupe automatic transmission has no reverse? what would cause this?? and how can i fix it without replacing the transmission.

What is wrong when Dodge Dakota 1994 V6 automatic transmission dies when shifting into drive or reverse?

O2 sensor or vacuum leak

1988 Honda accord problems my automatic transmission won't move in reverse moves but slips in drive. 1988 accord lxi with 88000 miles?

I have a similar issue my '88 accord LXI automatic does not have reverse and it grinds in park and drive. Told the shift fork in the transmission and shift for bushing are going out and the tranny needed to be rebiult

If it is difficult to change from reverse to drive it is a transmission problem?

If you have an automatic transmission then either the linkage is fouled up or you got a internal problem. That's 100 vrs about 3000 dollars.

1988 Honda accord problems my automatic transmission won't move in reverse moves but slips in drive 1988 accord lxi with 88000 miles?

add transmission fluid

Why automatic transmission?

An automatic transmission has some advantages over a manual transmission. An automatic is easier to drive in traffic and on hills, as you do not have to keep operating the clutch.

Back end of car - car wont drive but will go in reverse?

If you have an automatic transmission, it probably has a forward clutch/band problem.

What seems to be the reason for having no drive and reverse in ford escape automatic transmission?

If the trans is full of ATF and the linkage is connected, the trans is blown.

Car will reverse but not drive?

transmission is gone.

What is cause of noise when I shift car is shifted from reverse to drive or accelerate?

Could be a universal joint. If front wheel drive, it could be the constant velocity joint. I am assuming you have an automatic transmission. If it is a standard transmission, it could be the throwout bearing.

Does the transmission on a automatic car mess up switching into drive or revers while car is still moving?

yes .. if the car is in drive and u put it in reverse.... bye bye gears

Why is a 86 corvettes automatic transmission only moving in reverse and not in drive?

linkage broken, bad pump, bad transmission. best guess is bad pump or tranny. hope it helps. duboff

1998 elantra automatic tran stopped working as i were driving in drive no reverse but low works?

Check transmission fluid and fill to mark on dipstick. If this doesn't help, expect to replace the transmission.

What does D stand for in automatic transmission?

Drive. If it has a circle around it, it has automatic overdrive.

How do you distinguish manual transmission from automatic?

Physically, Manual Transmission has at least 5 gears including a reverse gear which is 'manually' changed by the driver during the course of the drive. Automatic Transmission however has a Park, neutral, drive 1 and 2, reverse. This is much easier to drive. They can be distinguished by the sound they make. A manual transmission hardly makes noise when gears are being changed. An automatic on the other hand, will make short bust of noises when gears are being changed. This is only valid for high powered cars. Also, if a manual car breaks down, it can be moved. automatic however, cannot be moved if it breaks down which is a big disadvantage.