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How do you fix the lever that opens the heater vent on a 1992 Geo metro?

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naturalhealthrep removed this question because it had zero relevance to the question and it asked a question instead of giving an answer. See it in the bulletin board. Naturalhealthrep said: to fix the lever, first turn the heater on and go under the hood and see if the heater tubes are getting hot. If yes, remove the face plate around the heater unit inside the dash of the car, look under the wheel of the car near the middle dash panel that has the heater on it and you'll see a little wire that comes from the heater and attaches to a lever inside to pull open the heater vent. put this wire into the grove you'll see under there and put the end of the wire which has a round thing on the end into it's spot and put everything back together. If anyone knows the technical terms please feel free to correct.

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