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How do you fix the turn signals on a 93 Ford Ranger?

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Turn signals that do not work is almost always, a blown fuse, bad bulb, corroded socket, or a defective flasher relay. If the lights come on but do not flash, it is the flasher relay. If the light does not come on, the bulb is bad or the socket is corroded. If one light flashes very fast then your front/rear light may be burnt out. If no lights come on, then your fuse is blown.

2006-08-23 13:08:58
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Q: How do you fix the turn signals on a 93 Ford Ranger?
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How do you fix turn signals in ford expedition?

It could be as simple as a fuse. Or as hard as a multi-funtion switch. Which means the switch for your turn signals.

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How do you fix your heater on 91 4x4 ranger 4.0?

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How do you fix an airlock in a ford ranger gas tank?

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How do you fix turn signals on 1991 ford aerostar?

It is either a blown fuse, defective Flasher Relay, defective turn signal switch, blown bulbs, or loose or corroded bulb socket. If none of the turn signals flash, then the flasher is bad. Replace it.

1996 ford ranger xlt has no heat how do you fix this?

change the thermostat

How do you fix a fan belt on a 2002 Ford Ranger Edge?

change it

How do you fix PO340 in ford ranger 4 liters?

You get somebody else to do it.

How do you fix the rear brake light and turning signals that are not working on a 2003 ford explorer sports trac the lights were already changed?

Check the bulb it is double filamented with the smaller being for the stop and turn signals

How do you fix turn signals that don't come on for a 94 jeep grand Cherokee The hazard signals work but when you move the stick to turn the left or right signals they don't come on.?

Try replacing turn signal flasher

How do you remove starter from a 1998 ford ranger?

you have to go to the car fix to remove it

How do you fix a radio in 1996 Ford Ranger that doesn't come on?

by a new one

How do you fix your turn signals?

Take it to a mechanic, get a copy of the service manual and do it yourself.

How can you fix a radiator crack the crack is at the top of the radiator on plastic it is not big in length nor width?

what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger what should i use to fix a small crack on top of radiator. on a 1998 ford ranger

How do I fix a 2000 Ford Ranger code of PO304?

Code P0304 on 2000 Ford Ranger is: Misfire at cylinder 4 detected. May be cause by a bad spark plug.

How do you fix a leaky heater core in a 1996 ford ranger?

Replace it with a new one.

How do you fix the lifters in 1986 ford ranger?

Parts that old replace them with new ones.

Does a 1990 Ford Ranger 2.9 have a timing chain or belt?

The 2.9 liter V6 engine in a 1990 Ford Ranger has a timing CHAIN

How do you fix the turn signals on the early version 2001 Passat?

If the turn signals are inoperative check the hazard switch, if the hazards don't work replace the hazard switch, the signals will start working. if the hazards are ok ,the turn signal switch may be bad.

How do you troubleshoot and fix turn signals and emergency flasher problem on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

check the recalls there is something in there about tail light and signals

How much should it cost to fix a brake fluid leak in a 1994 Ford Ranger?


How do you fix the turn signals on a 91 Ford Taurus?

Usually I just replace the multi-function switch, assuming it isn't a bad bulb. A bad bulb would be too obvious, though.

How do you fix turn signals and hazards after the fuses and bulbs have both been checked?

Replace the flasher.

How do you fix a turn signals that has stopped working in a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire SE?

i fnone of the turn signals work, the first placeto look is the flasher can. this is a clyander usually located in or near the fuse box. there are 2 of these.1 is for turn signals, other is for 4 way flashers

What is the fix for non working turn signals on a 1993 Cougar when the hazard flasher and all associated bulbs work?

the fix is to replace turn signal flasher the hazard flasher is separate from the turn signal flasher