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How do you flush a 2000 Neon engine?


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2015-07-15 20:56:53
2015-07-15 20:56:53

Buy one of the "flush in a can" products and follow the directions exactly.

if you want to do a machine flush your dodge dealer should be able to help you out. it wont be cheap, expect to pay between $100 and $150 for the flush and an oil change.


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The 2000 Neon is a four cylinder engine. The firing order for this engine is 1 3 4 2.

there is no Chrysler neon but the Chrysler pt cruisers have the neon engine Well considering I have a 2000 Chrysler Neon i'd say the above answer is not as correct

Between the engine and transmission.Between the engine and transmission.

yes it will, only a few mods will need to be done

Yes there is no difference in the two years 2001 was a carry over from 2001.

Passenger side obviously behind the engine block flush with the flexplate

no a 2001 dodge neon motor will not work in a 2000 neon

According to the Haynes Manual for the 2000-2003 Neon, the Cooling System, which includes the Heater and Cooler Reservoir is 6.5 Quarts (6.2 Liters).

The horn on a 2000 Plymouth Neon is located at the front of the engine compartment near the headlights. It is trigger through a press of the steering wheel like most other vehicles.

No, The neon was revamped in 2003, with updated engines and chassis changes. As a Chrysler mechanic, the 2000 dodge neon 2.4L DOHC is the best. That will fit in a 2001 also.

go to the court house and apply for a duplicate title

Engine will not start and run if the belt has broken.

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The 2000 Dodge Neon is a OBD 2 port

Yes. The Dodge Neon has an interference engine.

Yes it can. The engine is exactly the same except for the throttle body an intake. Just use the ones on the old engine.

A large intake manifold leak. Check the boot at the throttle body.

No it will not the 2000 neon was a totally new design for the body and it won't line up correctly you need a bodykit for a 2000-2003 neon to fit best.

Do you mean flush the oil (not recommended) or flush the coolant?

No, valves can and do bend if the belt breaksNo, valves can and do bend if the belt breaks

If the Neon's are both the same year and have the same engine type then the PCM should swap out ok. If the engines are different then the PCM may not work properly.

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