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First, you need to find out what's wrong with the alarm. Alarms protect you by disabling the vehicle if all conditions aren't met and for some reason the alarm thinks some of the conditions aren't met. Take the vehicle to the company that installed the alarm system. You may have to get it towed if you can't find any other way to get it there.

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Q: How do you get a 1998 Mazda Protege to start when the alarm keeps going off?
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What should I do if my 1999 Mazda Protege keeps making a clicking noise?

If a 1999 Mazda Protege keeps making clicking noises, you might have a bad alternator or starter. You could also have a bad ignition or solenoid.

The alarm on your frontera keeps going off?

my alarm keeps going of and wont start.

How do you fix your audiovox car alarm because it keeps going off?

remove the alarm fuse

What does the hold button on the 92 Mazda Protege do?

I have a 1993 Protege. The hold button keeps the transmission from up shifting. I use it when I am coming down the hill in my neighborhood. Rather than braking the hold button keeps the trans in a lower gear and I remain at a safe neighborhood speed.

Your alarm keeps going off on your Chevy S-10?

You first need to check the battery of your alarm system. Your alarm system may also be going bad and need to be replaced.

Your 2002 Taurus alarm keeps going off?

There are a couple steps you can take when your 2002 Taurus alarm keeps going off. You can either disconnect the battery or bring your car to a professional to reset the computer in the car.

You have a vauxhal zafira 2002 and have a problem with the alarm where do you insert the key to disarm the alarm?

My vauxhall zafira's alarm keeps going off at 3.30 - 4am every morning. we have a key to dis arm the alarm but can not find where to put it to turn it off. and why is it going off.

Your alarm keeps going off on your Saab 93?

which alarm? if it the security alarm then its because all the doors are not unlocked when they are being opended and if you pop your trunk but the doors are not unlocked it will do the same.

Can you help me troubleshoot my jeep that will not run because the alarm keeps going off?

sorry i do not know

How do you disable a 1994 Ford Explorer Alarm It just keeps going off for no reason?

Pull the fuse.

Nissan Pathfiner alarms keeps going off randomly how can you disarm the alarm?

Unlock passenger side

Is your alarm causing your battery to go dead if it keeps going off?

Yes, that would definitely drain the battery.

2003 sante fe car alarm keeps going off after new battery installed?

check your fuses

Your 1994 Nissan Maxima's factory alarm keeps going off randomly Will removing the fuse in the fuse box marked antiy theft disarm the alarm?

taking out he fuse disables the whole system..your alarm will no longer work

Why does your computer alarm keeps going off and going into power save?

Most likely cause is that either your power jack is broken or your power adapter is failing, presuming that it is a laptop.

What would cause a Norge range to flash an -F1- message?

I am wondering the same thing!! alarm keeps going off please help!!

Your 04 voxhall alarm keeps going off on its own?

The most common cause is that the rechargeable battery in the alarm siren is failing, giving a low voltage to the alarm system. When the voltage from he battery drops below a certain level the alarm system thinks someone is trying to disable the alarm by disconnecting the battery. As it thinks someone is trying to disable the alarm, it sets the alarm off.

2000 Mitsubishi eclipse car alarm keeps going off... not even locked...goes off at random. alarm not wired as a removable fuse...hard-wired through horn. battery going dead?

Pull the horn fuse - two fuses right of fuse 13.

Why Everytime you start my 1999 Mazda protege you have to push the clutch all the way down to the floor?

There is a switch on the clutch pedal that keeps you from starting the car in gear and killing someone. You should use your clutch anyways. Saves wear and tear on the starter and battery

Turn off alarm system in 2007 Honda Accord?

Alarm keeps going off in the middle of the night even though I don't turn the car on. I have purchased a new battery last year, not the problem. It is so annoying. I do not need to use the alarm, can it be disabled. My neighbors are probably angry.

Why wont my 1997 doge intrepid that wont start but the alarm keeps going off?

I don't know if this will help, but I had a similar problem and it was a short in the light switch. Because the alarm was wired into the light switch. I wiggled the switch and it started. Change it.

Alarm keeps going off on your 1993 ford explorer how do you fix this?

The alarm switch system is not working right. This could be a door switch, or a wiring problem. the system needs to be checked one switch at a time, then the wiring is checked next.

What is a line that keeps going?

By definition a line keeps going forever.

Alarm keeps going off randomly, I am in search of advice or tips on why and what could be causing this.?

Not knowing what kind of alarm you are talking about it's hard to say, but if it's a smoke alarm then you should check the batteries, and the wiring. If it's a home security system I would call the person that installed it, and get them to come out and check it.

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