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Q: How do you get a car loan without a drivers license?
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Can you get finance for auto loan with a learner permit?

No you need to have a drivers license. It is illegal to drive a car without a drivers license and that is how the finance company looks at it.

Putting a lien on your drivers license?

can a car loan company put a lien on drivers license

Can you get a car loan without having a drivers license?

No you need a valid DL for the loan officer to see...or you could have someone co-sign a loan for you...

Can you get a car without a drivers license?


Can you get a drivers license and not have a car?

Yes, you can get a driving license without owning a car.

Can you register and insure a car in NY without a drivers license?

No, it is not legal to insure a car in New York without a drivers license. You must also have a license to register a car.

Can you insure a car without a drivers license in Pa?

DoType your answer here... do you need a drivers license to insure car?

Can you register a car with out a drivers license?

As of September 2013, you can register a car without a drivers license in the United States.

Can you buy a car without a drivers license in DC?

you can buy a car with out a license in DC

In Michigan can you register a car without having a drivers license in your name?

No, you must have a valid drivers license to register your car.

Can you purchase a car without a drivers license in Pa?

No you cannot. A license is required.

Can you cosign for a auto loan in Pennsylvania without ever having a drivers license?

Cosigning on a loan has nothing to do with having a drivers lincense. You are just agreeing to pay the loan if the primary person does not. You are not driving the car. The only thing a lender is interested in is your ability to pay the loan.

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