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== == Many companies that offer private behind the wheel training lessons rent out their vehicles for driving tests at the DMV. Use the internet or phone book to find driving education programs in your area that offer behind the wheel training and look into their policies and rates for renting out a car for your behind the wheel test at the DMV.

I think you're pretty much screwed. The DMV is not responsible for providing the car to you. You COULD (if you ABSOLUTELY have no one), try looking through some classifieds and searching for a used car. You could explain to the party attempting to sell your situation and if they will help you out with the test in exchange for buying the car. Try negotiating, offer a little more than what they're asking, or something similar. Make sure the car is road safe. Brakes, tires, hazards, blinkers, no broken glass, non-obstructive body damage, engine and transmission are at acceptable operating levels, etc. The handbook along with used car buying guides will tell you what you need to know. Hope this helps.

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