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TITLE STATE: Yes SECURITY INTERESTS: Shown on title held by lien holder. LICENSE REGISTRATION: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Post Office Box 16520, Columbus, Ohio 43266-0020. Tel.: (614)752-7634. RECOVERY REQUIREMENT: As per UCC, repossession allowed without committing a breach of the peace. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR LIQUIDATION: Must have title in the name of the lien holder. PLATES: Remain with the debtor that should get ya started...

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Q: How do you get a repossession license in Ohio?
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Do you need a repossession license to work for a repossession company in Michigan?

only a drivers license

Do you have to have to have a repossession license in Georgia?


Can a dealer suspend your license for a repossession?


How do you become a repossession agent in Ohio?

search on "recovery agent" + OHIO" in your browser.

How do you become a repossession agent in Minnesota?

To become a repossession agent in Minnesota a license from the state is required. A tow truck and license to operate it are also needed.

How does one obtain a license to start their own repossession business in Ohio?

I don't think you need to be in this business since you need to be smart, and if you had done your home work then you would know that Ohio doesnt require a collection license like mich. does so if I was you I wouldn't quit my day job.

In Ohio can your wages be garnished for a car repossession?


How do you start a repossession business?

To start a repossession business you must file the appropriate business license. Many repossession businesses also have insurance and a bond for their business.

Can you get a drivers license in Ohio if you are from Illinois?

If you have legally moved to Ohio, you can take your Illinois licence and get an Ohio license.

Who to sale a car that you owe for?

license require for repossession in ga

How do you obtain a Pennsylvania Vehicle Repossession License?

you have to get a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania

Which US states do not require a business license to operate a repossession business?

All US states require the repossession agency be licensed and bonded.

If my license is suspended in Ohio can i get a license in Florida?


Can you get a Florida drivers license if your Ohio license is suspended?


Can you search by license plate number to see if a car is wanted for repossession in Texas?


Can you obtain a repossession license if you have a criminal record?"

If your suspended in Florida can you get an Ohio license?

As long as you obtain a license in the state of Ohio before your you get suspended in Florida you license will still by valid. If you wait until after your license in suspended then Ohio will not issue you one. So, if you know your going to lose your license get on an airplane fly to Ohio get a license and you'll be fine. Its kinda of like the grandfather rule. Got to like the loop-hole system:-)

Do you need a bartending license to serve in Ohio?

No such thing as a Bartending License. You must be 21 to bartend in Ohio.

Suspended drivers license in Ohio how to obtain Texas driver license?

Wait for the Ohio suspension period to expire.

What is the state license plate motto for Ohio?

License plate mottos for Ohio: 1985-2001 = Ohio, the Heart of It All! Since 2001 = Birthplace of Aviation

What is legal during a car repossession in Ohio?

NONE OF THE ABOVE. Call an attorney ASAP.

What is the penalty for not changing a Pennsylvania drivers license to an Ohio drivers license after moving to Ohio?

There is a fee penalty but nothing else. They will allow you to change your license when you get around to it.

What are the laws for being a repossession agent in Delaware?

Get yourself a business license and some clients.

How do I get a repossession license in Arizona?

all you need is to find a company that is willing to take a chance with you

What happens to your license plates after repossession in NY?

what happens to your liscense plates after reposesion in N.Y.