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By repairing he problem, which is more than likely a blown head gasket. Do not drive this car as severe engine damage will occur. My two cents:

Note that other leaks can cause this problem. GM 3.1L and 3.4L SFI engines get this problem from a lower intake gasket. Chrysler OHC V6 Engines (chain timed) will do this if the water pump leaks.

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Q: How do you get antifreeze out of your oil?
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Will oil in antifreeze hurt car?

no but antifreeze in oil will eat the bearings

Is oil heavier than antifreeze?

No, oil is lighter than antifreeze.

Is it safe to drive a vehicle that has oil going into the antifreeze?

NO! Take it to a mechanic immediately. Call AAA at once, if you are a member. Oil is not antifreeze and antifreeze is not oil!

What are the effects of antifreeze mixing into the engine oil?

A bad head gasket is the most common cause of antifreeze mixing in the oil. The antifreeze will dilute the oil and it will eventually cause your engine to seize up.

Why is there engine oil in the antifreeze?

if there is engine oil in the antifreeze generally indicates a cracked head on the engine

How can you tell if antifreeze is leaking into your engine?

Look at the oil on the dipstick. If you have antifreeze leaking into the crankcase the oil will be milky.

3.4 liter engine in a 2003 Malibu is getting oil in the antifreeze but not antifreeze in the oil?

Intake gaskets have failed.

What happens if you put antifreeze in the crankcase?

vehicle will overheat. just dump the oil and antifreeze , flush engine and refill with clean oil

Cream colored paste in antifreeze?

Could be oil mixing with antifreeze indicating a bad head gasket Are you losing motor oil?

How do you fix antifreeze leak on a 92 Buick Roadmaster?

antifreeze leaking into the oil pan

Why would there be oil in your radiator?

Odds are you have blown a head gasket and the antifreeze and oil flow share the same gasket. As the gasket wears, the antifreeze mixes into the oil and vice versa! I suggest replacing your current antifreeze and do a full flush. Test it for a few days and test if you have oil again. A tell tell sign of a blown head gasket is black smoke (burning oil) or white smoke (burning antifreeze ) coming out the exhaust.

Why is oil in a cars antifreeze?

cracked head

Can antifreeze in the oil hurt bearings?


Why do you have antifreeze in your oil?

a blown head gasket

Why does my Engine oil looks like muddy water?


What are the main causes for antifreeze in oil for 6.8 liter v10 engine?

Antifreeze in the oil of any engine means there is a crack in the head gasket, or worse, in the block.

How you can fix an oil that is getting mixed with antifreeze at a ford econoline 250 year 98?

You can fix oil that is getting mixed with antifreeze in a Ford Econoline 250 of the year '98 by replacing the head gasket in the vehicle. A blown head gasket will cause the antifreeze and oil to mix.

Is it safe to drive vehicle when there is oil in antifreeze reserve and Saturn ION?

If there is motor oil in the antifreeze reservoir there is a good chance there is also antifreeze in the motor oil. This condition is probably the result of a bad head gasket or a cracked head. Antifreeze mixing with motor oil is a recipe for disaster for the engine. Have a trusted mechanic diagnose the situation soon as possible to hopefully avoid even more costly repairs.

Is there an antifreeze that will not harm bearings in antique cars?

No. Antifreeze should not mix with engine oil in any vehicle.

Can you use an automatic transmission fluid to clean engine?

NO!!!! do not do this, oil is oil, transmission fluid is transmission fluid, and antifreeze is antifreeze, do not mix any of these, it can perminately damage your engine.

What if it is not a blown head gasket and you still have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust?

there is no water mixed with the oil but have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust

How do you know when your head gasket is gone?

you will have antifreeze in your oil!

Which element is used in antifreeze oil or gasoline?


What causes Antifreeze in engine oil?

HEadgasket failure, internal oil cooler leak.

How do you repair oil in antifreeze on a 1989 Chrysler New Yorker?

If you find traces of oil in the antifreeze it's an indication of broken engine gasket. You need to go consult with a professional.