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How do you get at the brake light bulbs on a 2000 Intrepid you took off two wing nuts inside the trunk does the whole light fixture pull off to get at the bulbs?


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there are a total of 4 wing nuts and yes the whole thing comes out sraight rearward after that "unscrew" the socket from the housing


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Yes you can if the new bulbs are compact fluorescent. It is the heat that light bulbs generate that governs the size the fixture can legally use without causing damage to the fixture.

Check the fuse, bulbs/assy., and wiring another thing to check is where the bulbs connect. sometimes like my 94 one of the connectors in the bulb housing was broken. also there is a brake light sensor on the brake petal that is turned on when you depress the brake. usually near the top of the brake petal

Check bulbs--they are dual filament smaller is for brake and turn signal --larger is for tail lights

Changing the third brake light is fairly easy! Unscrew the 2 screws and you should be able to take the lense off. Once you've done that, there should be 3 little bulbs in there. The bulbs should just pull right out of the fixture!

You must first remove the Trunk liner back far enough to get to the light cavity. There are two bulbs that make up the center third brake light. Just twist the light out of the lock position and replace the bulbs with appropiate replacements and then screw back in.

The interior bulbs on a 1999 Chevy Malibu are contained in a plastic fixture whose cover snaps open. Once inside the fixture, pop out the dead bulb and replace it with the appropriate replacement.

Either you are unlucky or you buying cheap bulbs.

AnswerThe bulbs for the brake lights are usually separate from the normal tail light bulbs. Check and replace the brake bulbs first, and if they are still not working examine the fuses, switch and wiring.

Check the wire which is going inside of the trunk hood to the brake lights.

Open the trunk....inside the trunk, on the back side are plastic covers that you can remove...there you will find your bulbs....find the brake light bulbs and remove them and replace them with new bulbs, then replace the covers. Don't forget about the 3rd brake light ...check it to see if new bulbs are needle. Also, if all of your brake lights aren't working...all at the same time...you might want to check your fuses. If replacing the bulbs and checking the fuses doesn't do the trick, the next step is to check the brake light switch above the brake pedal. And lastly...depending on the age of the car, and the last time you replaced your bulbs...you might want to check all those bulbs

Pop the trunk, remove the "3 wingnuts" behind or on the carpet. That will in turn loosen the tail lights. Turn the bulb, and voila!

From the inside of the hatch area uncover the light fixtures. The lamp carrier is held in place by plastic clips. Depress the clips to remove the lamp carrier. Replace the lamps as required and replace the carrier in the fixture. Check your work.

Inside the trunk behind where the brake lights are are a plastic cover. Remove that and you will see one bolt. Reach in to the far side of the light and you will find the second bolt. Remove those and the brake lights can be pulled out. Now just twist the bulb holders and there are your brake light bulbs.

Check to see if you are getting power and ground to the fixture. These fixtures are known to corrode and "open" may have to replace entire fixture Could also be a problem in steering column turn stalk

yes you can use lower wattage bulbs in a 100w rated light fixture.

You can't. All you can do is install a new fixture that will allow higher wattage lamps.

In electrical terminology bulbs and lamps are the same thing. If you are talking about a lamp as a fixture no bulbs and lamp fixtures do no need to be sold together.

If the bulbs and fuses are fine, it must be your brake light switch attached to the arm on your brake pedal.

You have to unbolt the entire tail lamp assembly to change the bulbs. Unbolt the tail lamps from inside the corners of the bed, replace the light bulbs, bolt the tail lamps back in place.

Replace the whole unit - it's got LED inside, not bulbs unfortunately

Brake Light ColorMine are clear bulbs ["white"] light, but the bulbs are mounted in an assembly with a red lens.

No. The ballasts are not usually compatible. There are some dual use ballasts, but if it is an older T12 fixture you are likely out of luck.

For most Saturns, the third brake light cover pulls off from inside the vehicle exposing the bank of bulbs. The bulbs are or at least WERE only available from GM dealerships. Perhaps they are more generally available now.

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