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what you can do is remove the back panel on the tail gate, that will give you access to the internals. now find the wiring going to the window motor, unplug them and hook up a 12 volt source directly to the wires and t will go up or down. when you hook it up and the window goes down reverse the wire and it will go up.

Good luck not allot of room in there, prepare to scrape your knuckles

I would first make sure the tailgate is correctly latched. There is a safety switch built into the driver side latch. This keeps the window from activating (up or down) if the gate isn't fully closed. Bypassing the switch (described above) and rolling up the window may lead to a broken window and possible personal injury. If the safety switch located on the drivers side latch (on the tailgate itself) isn't functioning - it may be the problem.

Testing it is simple: With the tailgate slightly open, find the latch mechanism in the jamb. Simulate a closed tailgate by rotating the two half moon shaped pieces toward each other to make a closed circle. (just as the striker does as the gate closes.) These must be rotated and closed simultaneously. With the gate ajar, use the tailgate key switch to try to activate the motor. If that doesnt work, have a helper use the switch on the dash to activate (ignition must be "on"). Listen for motor noises. If it goes up, that indicates the tailgate is out of adjustment. The tailgate sheetmetal (skin) surface must lineup with the corner of the rear quarter panel.

Dont forget to open the latch dogs by lifting the inside tailgate handle before trying to close!!

If the motor did not activate after the test above, it has other issues; key switch bad, safety switch bad, disconnected or broken wires, bad motor etc.

OMG that is all great info.... also know that the key switch will not work sometimes if the switch on the dash is defective... most people go to the wrong switch 1st.

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Q: How do you get back window of a 1989 Ford bronco to go back up?
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