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The best idea is to contact the manufacturer of that pool and get an instruction set. You might do this directly, or you might do it indirectly through a company that represents the manufacturer. Failing that, it might prove fruitful to contact a company that sells similar pools. It is possible to obtain an instruction set for something they sell that is like yours, and it would be fair to buy that instruction set.

Many pool manufacturers have web sites, and you might be able to find an instruction set there. It is probably under the Support heading and comes to you as a .pdf file, which you can store, read and even print. The manufacturers usually at least have contact information on their sites, and snail mail and email information is almost always available, as are phone and fax numbers. If you cannot locate a manufacturer, a pool company in your area might be helpful and provide or point you to contact information. Or they might tell you that the company is no longer in business, and at least you would know. The use of instructions for a similar pool is probably your last resort, but something for a like unit should be available without too much of a headache.

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Q: How do you get instructions on how to set up a used above ground pool?
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Can an in ground pool slide be used for an above ground pool?

Yes so long as it is set up securely

Where can one purchase an above ground pool online?

Above-ground pools can be bought at several online retailers. Examples of these retailers include Leslie's and Walmart. A used above-ground pool can also be found at eBay.

What kind of sand to use to level an above ground pool?

Masonry Sand is used to level the bottom of a pool

What size to build cement floor for 14' round pool above the ground?

I used a sand base for our 20' round above ground pool. It's much easier to deal with after the pool is gone. Greener too.

What do you put under a small above ground pool to level it?

I just put up an above ground pool and we used sand to level the ground. To level the sand, we used one of those string levelers and tied it to stakes on each side of the pool area to make sure it was all level.

How do you find installation instructions on a used pool that does not have a manufacturer's name on it if it's a 24'rd above-ground beaded liner with metal decking around it?

I may be difficult to find information for a specific pool if the manufacturer is unknown but a lot of pools are constucted similarly.Type above ground swimming pool kits into your Google search box. Many of the sites that sell the pools will often have a link to installation instructions. You will probably have to read many sets of instructions and use your own judgment to determine if they are suitable for your pool. hope this helps you and good luck.

What paint should be used on top rails for an above ground swimming pool?

Silver paint.

How much is a good above ground pool?

This depends on the size of the pool, the materials used in construction, the site, and the geographic position of the Job.

Could an In-Line Pressure Bath Heater usually used for a spa be used to heat an above ground pool?


Can you use Clorox to clean an above ground pool?

We have a four foot above ground Intex pool and used just bleach in general and it was clear within 3 hours. We put 8 gallons in our pool. Make sure to check your levels on everything else too!

What could be used instead of sand under a above ground swimming pool?

Believe it or not I used pea gravel. It was half the cost of sand and just as effective. I used three tons for a 24ft. above ground pool and I also put a tarp between the pea gravel and the pool. No problems at all. Works great for me, but maybe not for everyone.

How much sand is needed to level the ground of an 18 x 4 round pool?

You don't use sand to level the ground that the pool sits on. The sand is used on the inside of the pool, after the ground has been leveled by taking the highest point down to the lowest point after the grass has been removed. The manufacturer's usually recommend 2" of sand on the inside of the pool before the liner is installed. It sounds like you are installing a used pool, since you do not have instructions. Here is a link to some instructions that could possibly be used.

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