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Take a pain-reliever like naproxen (Aleve) or ibuprofen (Advil). That helps reduce inflammation as well as making you feel better. Stay hydrated. Massage will help get the lactic acid out of the muscles.

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Q: How do you get over sore muscles?
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What will happen if you over use your muscles?

They'll get sore.

Are sore muscles a sign that you are gaining strength?

Sore muscles are a sign you are over doing it. You should take it easy if you are just starting out, if not let your muscles gradually work out to getting what it is you wish to reach.

Which chemical makes your muscles sore after working out?

When muscles are over-exerted, the muscle cells carry out anaerobic respiration to compensate for the oxygen deficit. Lactic acid produced as a result of this causes muscles to become sore or develop cramps.

How do muscles get sore?

Muscles become sore from the lactic acid production being increased from strenuous output of energy on the muscles.

What exercise do you use to alleviate sore muscles?

Stretching is a good way to help sore muscles to feel better.

Why are muscles sore after workouts?

because your muscles are adapting to the workout you did

Why do muscles feel sore after exercise?

Your muscles tightening up

What is a good cream for relieving sore muscles?

Based on past experience alone a good cream to relieve sore muscles is called Deep Heat. It heats up your muscles giving you some relief. This can be purchased over the counter at any local drug store.

Why do your muscles feel sore after training?


What causes muscles to be sore?


What is the chemical cause of sore muscles?

Lactic acid settling in the muscles

What six letter word starting with A means when the muscles of the body are sore?

Aching is a 6 letter word that describes sore muscles.

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