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The problem is related to a computer componet. It could be the crank position, engine speed, or any other sensor. The only real way to determine the problem is to use a diagnostic computer, and those could get quite pricy(1000's to 100000's thosands of dolars). A 2003 model should still be covered by the warranty. So, bring it to your dealer. what ever your deductible is should be the only charge check your contract the deductibles run from $0 to $250 the last time I checked. Also, there may be a hidden warranty, technical service buletin(TSB), or a recall that relates to your specific problem. These are available through General Motors and dealers should have access to them. If they do not gladly give you a copy call Chevy direct. Their contact info is Chevrolet Motor Division, General Motors Division of General Motors 100 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265-1000 800-222-1020

could be cheap fuel or a non-working EGR valve

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Q: How do you get rid of spark knock on a 2003 Trailblazer?
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