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Crunches. They target the upper abs.

Also, be sure you are wearing the right size bra. Get fitted by a professional in a department store.

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Q: How do you get rid of the roll of fat just beneath the bra when the rest of your stomach is fairly flat?
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Dome shaped portion of the stomach just beneath the diaphragm?

Cupoli , cuplea

Do pushups equals flat stomach?

A good diet + exercise = flat stomach So while push ups can help in making a flat stomach, which in fact is just low body fat, it will be useless if proper nutrition and other exercise, ex. weightlifting and cardio, is not utilized.

Can running help get a flat stomach?

Yes. Cardio activity is a must in getting a flat stomach/slimmer body. muscle/ab work will only build muscle. It melts away the fat around ur stomach to just reveal muscle. =)

How does a ten year old get a flat stomach?

Well, a 10 year old should not have to worry about a flat stomach, but I guess just playing and having fun like any other 10 year old should.

If you have a flat stomach does that mean your skinny?

no, it just means you aren't as fat it doesn't mean you're skinny!

How do you have a flat stomach while sleeping?

There is no way that you can get a flat stomach by sleeping but sometimes if you are sleeping in the right position u might get it Position- sleep staright not sideways or putting your face in the pillow just look at ceiling and try to go to sleep like that

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I am 13 and i really want a flat stomach the rest of my body is fine but all the fat just seems to go there what should i do?

just exercise regulary for an hour!

Does crunches abs work am female and i have a belly but some say that crunches don't work what should i do to get a flat stomach?

It's not that crunches don't work, it's that they won't get you a flat stomach. What you want is to do cardio. Anything that gets your body moving and your heart rate up will help you lose fat. When you do lose the fat around your stomach you will see the results of the crunches (muscle definition). It's good to do both (and not just crunches other "absentric" moves) if you want a flat stomach, but being active and eating well will lose the fat that is really the point of flat stomacs.

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What is the weird old tip for a flat belly people talk about?

It's just a scam/virus websites use to trick people. The best way to get a flat stomach is through a clean diet and lots of exercise.

Is there a diet that can help me attain a flat stomach?

Unfortunately, there are no diets that can specifically help you attain a flat stomach, because when the body loses weight, it loses it from all across the entire body, not just in one location. Your best bet is to find a lifestyle diet that you can use for a year and lose weight across your entire body.

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How can you get a flat body?

By flat, I presume you mean so that your stomach and bottom don't stick out. Really, some people's spines will be more curved than other people's and while you can just pull your stomach in using your abdominal/core muscles, some people's spines will never be entirely straight and their bottom will always stick out a little, no matter how hard they try. Sorry, but that's just how it goes.

What effect does popcorn have on your stomach?

it doesn't affect your stomach it is just delicious! it doesn't affect your stomach it is just delicious!

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How you can get a flat stomach fast?

how fast ? i don't think you could do it in less than a few months - depends how big you are do loads of sit ups and leg-ups every day, that's what im doing for 4 weeks now - am only just starting to notice any difference so i want to quit - but i want a flat stomach more so i carry on..

What if your stomach is growling so loud other people hear it What is wrong?

When your stomach wambles (and wambling is when your stomach growls) is just means that the stomach is expanding. There is absolutely nothing wrong. You just ate a little more than normal and your stomach is expanding. Either that, or you are just very hungry.

If you do 250 crunches how long will it take to get a flat stomach?

it just depends. it could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. it depends on how much fat you have there or how much muscle you already have.

I need to get a flat stomach in 2 to 3 months without a diet plan just exercize it's not normal I just need help please I'm not dieting?

You can easily get a flat stomach in 2-3 months without a diet plan but you have to drink a lot of water. Create an abdominal exercise routine and stick to it, every day. Plank crunches, bicycle crunches, and cross crunches will help to get your abs in 6 pack shape.

How do you get a flat stomach but not a six pack?

i would say to diet more to do with food rarther than excercise.. & i would stay away from weights or anything like that cause that will just build mustle up, apparently sit ups is the best way to get a flat stomache (:

How are the ribs important?

They protect your heart and lungs. Just to add to that, your ribs protect your internal organs such as your stomach, heart, and lungs so that when somethings happens that hurts you, like a punch in the stomach, your heart and lungs don't take all the pressure and basically crush.To protect the organs underneath, otherwise when you press on your ribs it would just be flat and you could squish vital organsTo protect the organs underneath, otherwise when you press on your ribs it would just be flat and you could squish vital organs

Why does your stomach growls after you eat?

Because you just got something in your stomach