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How do you get rid of the roll of fat just beneath the bra when the rest of your stomach is fairly flat?


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2007-11-06 17:05:57
2007-11-06 17:05:57

Crunches. They target the upper abs.

Also, be sure you are wearing the right size bra. Get fitted by a professional in a department store.


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A good diet + exercise = flat stomach So while push ups can help in making a flat stomach, which in fact is just low body fat, it will be useless if proper nutrition and other exercise, ex. weightlifting and cardio, is not utilized.

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Yes. Cardio activity is a must in getting a flat stomach/slimmer body. muscle/ab work will only build muscle. It melts away the fat around ur stomach to just reveal muscle. =)

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Well, a 10 year old should not have to worry about a flat stomach, but I guess just playing and having fun like any other 10 year old should.

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no, it just means you aren't as fat it doesn't mean you're skinny!

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There is no way that you can get a flat stomach by sleeping but sometimes if you are sleeping in the right position u might get it Position- sleep staright not sideways or putting your face in the pillow just look at ceiling and try to go to sleep like that

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