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If you have skin poking out over the back of your bra strap, you might just be wearing the wrong size bra. First go to a department store and get fitted. Otherwise, it is just plain old fat and hard to target a specific area - eat well and do cardio activity like jogging.

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Q: How do you lose bra overhang What type of exercises can be used to burn it away?
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What exercises help you lose weight but not gain muscle?

for your body to begin forming muscle it needs to burn through the fat and cellulite before it starts to form. try to stay away from strength workouts and stick to more aerobic and yoga type exercises.

How many calories can a women burn if she is eating 1400 a day and needs to lose 3 pounds a week?

If she exercises regularly, she will burn hundreds of calories.

What type of exercise helps you lose weight the fastest?

Many cardio exercises help get rid of excess weight. Doing running or elliptical exercises burn more calories and lose more weight instead of gaining muscle mass.

Which exercise is the best to lose 3 pounds?

weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises will give you results. you need muscle to burn fat.

Can dancing lose arm fat?

Yes, and like all exercises, you will lose fat from all over your body, not just from your arms. You can't burn fat in one spot. :>

Does cardio help you to lose weight?

Cardiovascular exercises such as running, cycling, swimming, or rowing are excellent exercises to help you lose weight. A 160 pound person who runs for 30 minutes burns about 300 calories. If you burn 300 calories a day doing cardio exercises, that equates to almost a half-pound of weight loss per week.

What exercise is the best to lose back and belly fat?

You cannot lose weight in spots, you lose weight over your entire body. The bigger the muscle you work, the more calories you burn. If you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. Your leg muscles are some of the largest on your body, so walking/running are great exercises for burning calories.

What weight loss exercises burn the most calories per hour?

Running(approximately 10mph) and biking are really effective, you can lose up to 1130 calories per hour by doing one of those two exercises.

What are some simple exercises and good tasting foods to help lose fat?

Some simple exercises to help lose fat are cardiovascular exercises. These exercises could be jogging, jump roping and running. Foods that could help lose fat would be fruits.

Where can you find a list of beginning exercises to try and lose weight?

If you're looking on the internet to find this list, wikipedia is helpful on the basics of weight loss exercises. I also found that there was a lot of information on the internet about what exercises would burn more calories therefore reducing the weight quicker.

You work out three day a week and do 1 strength training session why have you not lost weight?

It depends on the type of workout you do those 3 days. If you do exercises that can burn calories like tread mill, elliptical, jogging then you may burn the excess calories that are required to lose weight. If you do not train hard and burn calories you will not be able to lose weight.

How can you loose love handels?

To lose love handles you have to exercise; any exercise that gets the heart rate going will burn calories and you will lose some of the love handles. However, to help you lose them quicker you can do exercises such as bicycle crunches, side plank and deadlift.

Do sit-ups burn belly fat?

DO SIT-UPS BURN BELLY FATIn addition to the answer given beneath this one, for more in-depth information about the best ways to lose belly fat, what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, how to stop the fat from returning, and for the free charts, plans, lists, and exercises to enable you to achieve your goal, see the related questions and answers given below.HOW TO LOSE BELLY FATEXERCISES TO BURN BELLY FAT

What exercises are best to help me lose weight?

To lose weight, cardio exercise is the best as it helps you burn extra calories. Along with the cardio, mix in a little strength training to help you gain endurance and to boost your metabolism.

What is anarestic?

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which a person consumes too few calories and over-exercises to burn even more calores in an attempt to lose unsafe amounts of weight.

Why is it only possible to burn fat by using cardio?

Cardio exercises allows you to move a lot, in turn, you lose as much calories in one session. Limit your food intake and exercise regularly to lose weight. I would also suggest you swim or do brisk walking. Use the stairs and take long walks, these too are cardio exercises.

How can an individual burn fat quickly?

A proper diet and moderate exercise is the perfect combination to burn fat quickly. If a person exercises, but is eating the wrong foods, it would be much harder to lose weight. And just dieting without adequate exercise is also not going to work. A combination of both is what is necessary to lose weight

Which exercise or activity is best for fat loss?

Walking is one of the best exercises or activity that can be done for fat loss. When you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose body fat.

Anorexia is whats?

Anorexia is an eating disorder in which a person severly limits their food intake and exercises compulsively to burn off what few calories they do eat in an extreme measure to lose weight.

What is the main goal of exercises?

to get in shape or to lose weight.

What exercises helps you lose the most weight?


Are there any exercise I can do to lose the fat in my leg?

It's difficult to lose fat in targeted areas. One way to increase fat loss in your legs is to perform weight-bearing exercises. This will decrease the fat in your legs while increasing muscle. Leg lifts, squats, pushes and pulls are all good leg exercises to increase muscle and burn fat.

What are good exercises for weight loss that can be done in a gym?

The best and most efficient way to lose weight quickly is through cario exercise. This includes high energy. high movement exercises such as running on a treadmill, cycling, or running on an elliptical machine. All of these can be found in a typical gym, so these are the exercises you should look to do if you want to lose weight fast. Cardio exercises are pretty intense, but they burn the most calories in the shortest period of time and get the heart pumping, whch therefore result in more weight loss.

How can you lose your body?

burn it

What exercises should you do to lose 10 lbs in 28 days?

It doesn't matter what specific exercises you select, so long as you're burning calories and working up a sweat.The key to weight lossis to eat fewer calories than you burn... the rest is just details.