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if your car has a factory amp you might have to mess around with the factory remote wire(this is what tells the amp to turn on) good luck

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Q: How do you get sound out. When the CD player power is on and all speaker wires are connected?
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Effect that wattage will have on a speaker is defined as?

Wattage is the power applied to a speaker. More power usually means more volume. The sound pressure that a speaker will produce will be defined by the power applied, the resistance or impedance of the speaker (a lower impedance speaker will be louder) and the sensitivity of the speaker as a whole (the efficiency to turn the power into sound).

How does sound travel from a band to the audience?

The vibrations from the speaker that the instruments are connected to.

Is 4000w speaker has good sound?

The sound quality isn't determined by the amount of power it can handle, in this case, 400 watts. What determines the sound quality of the speaker is the design of the speaker itself.

What can you put inside the sound hole to make the guitar sound louder?

A microphone connected to an amplifier and speaker(s).

What is speaker meaning and its examples?

A speaker is a device used to translate electronic impulses into sound. "I connected a speaker to my iPod so that everyone could hear the song."

My Infinity radio is working but why am I not getting sound through my speakers?

Check your speaker wire, make sure that it is connected to the radio and the speaker.

What is the input for a speaker?

speaker is an output device. It is said as an output device because, most of the speakers are used to hear audio/sounds. The inputs to hear sound from a speaker can be > power/electricity > a device to play the sound (that may be a mic, vcd, dvd, mp3 player or even your computer)

How do you get the sound from DVD player to the speaker 5.1?

Connect audio cables to the Audio Out on the DVD player to the Audio In connectors of the speaker system.

Your speaker system right speaker doesnt work?

Turn the power off, disconnect the speaker wire from both front speakers, connect the right speaker wire to the left speaker, at this time the original left speaker wire should be laying in the floor not connected to anything, be sure not let the paired speaker wires TOUCH each other. Turn the power back on and turn up the volume to normal level. If you hear sound from the Left speaker, one would tend to think the Right speaker might be bad. If you Don't hear any sound, the amplifier or speaker wire might be bad or a poor connection. IF there is a Balance control, be sure it is in the middle and not turned all the way to the left, which would cause the front right speaker not to have any sound.

Can I connect 2 speakers to one speaker cable e.g.1 speaker cable out from receiver split and connected to two speakers.?

No, the speaker has a negative and positive port, they both need to be plugged into for it to work. if they aren't, then the speaker will not create sound

What is a woofer and a tweeter and a speaker?

a speaker is a device for sending out sound. a woofer is a speaker designed for low bass sound a tweeter is a speaker designed for high treble sound

Why would your 1999 maxima se audio system Bose power up but no sound speakers are connected?

dead connection in the speaker leads if you have a dmm (multimeter) test the wires to see if any signal is sent

Is the sound louder the larger the watts speaker rating?

In laymen 's terms, yes. But the "Watts" of a speaker is not what the total power of the speaker is. The are usually two different ratings for speakers to determine the total power. One is "RMS", which means root-means square. And the terms "peak or continuose power". A speaker can be 400 Watts, 360 RMS, 390 continuous power. That means it will take an amp at least 400 Watts to drive the speaker properly. And the speaker will perform at 360 Watts RMS, and peak out at 380 Watts continuous power. Remember, u can't blow a speaker from overpowering it. Only from under power. The speaker will distort and sound horrible from overpowering, but it will not blow.

Can you connect a pair of speakers to your computer?

In general, you cannot connect a pair of speakers to a computer, because the computer's sound board does not normally include a power amplifier fit to drive a speaker.It might be possible to drive very small speakers with a high impedance directly from a sound board's headphone output, though.Note that most "PC Speakers" can be directly connected to a computer's audio output because the speaker itself contains a power amplifier. Strictly speaking, such a speaker is a combination of a loudspeaker and an amplifier (sometimes also called an active speaker).

What is the difference between sound and audio?

Sound is what you hear with your ears for instance when you listen to someone speaking . Audio is the name for signals as they amplified and proscessed by an electronic circuit , if connected to a loud speaker and you lisen to the speaker then you are listening to sound . That is my interpretation so you may get some different views. Pete

Will a 4 ohm speaker sound as good as a 2 ohm speaker?

The ohm. of a speaker have nothing to do with sound quality.

What do a speaker do in a circuit?

The purpose of a speaker is to produce sound. With respect to the circuit, it uses up some power, which is provided by other parts of the circuit. The generic name for elements that are designed to consume power is "load".

Why do I have power but not sound when installing aftermarket radio in 1997 Dodge Dakota?

If there is power in the radio but the system is lacking sound then there is a problem with the speaker connections. On the 1997 Dodge Dakota check the speaker connections with a spark tester. If no spark trace the wires to find any loose or incorrect connections.

Why does my Car subwoofer produce no sound?

I have a mutant CD player, Sony xplod 800w subwoofer and a SPLX 800 amplifier. These are all connected, I have power and ground connected, the lights are lit up on the amplifier. Also the subwoofer has "life", I can hear when it turns on and off, but no sound is played through it when I put music on. Is this a problem with the CD player headunit or the connection from that to the amp? Thanks!

My DVD player is connected to a surround sound system and suddenly it won't play the voices on many dvds but the background sound works fine. How can I fix it?

Check the connection on your center channel speaker. If that doesn't work then go through the set up menu on the DVD player and audio receiver to make sure your set up is correct.

How does a stereo speaker use an electromagnet to produce sound?

An electromagnet drives the stereo speaker to provide the sound.

What are the advantages of a speaker?

Only one I can think of: Sound that you can hear. If you don't need sound, you need no speaker.

How big of an amp for a 10 inch sub?

The power rating of a speaker is not based on its size. It is based on its design, how much power it is capable/requires to properly reproduce sound signals with minimum distortion and without damage to the speaker.

What is the difference between the gramophone and a record player?

The gramophone used a large bell shaped device to amplify the sound. A record player amplifies sound electronically and sends it through a dynamic speaker.

How can electrical energy change into sound energy?

Electrical - mechanical - sound. From electrical energy, electricity is passed unto an amplifier, a microphone or a cdplayer is connected to the amplifier. The amplifier then change the sound entering it into mechanical energy. Then sound is passed out through a speaker cable givin sound energy