How do you get the car to run after replacing the instrument cluster in your 1996 Grand Am with a used one?

This vehicle is ethe logic for the passlock is quipped with a passlock system in which in the cluster 1. turn the ignition to the on position 2. try to start engine( engine wont start or stay running) 3. notice the security lamp should be flashing 4. leave key in the on position until it stops flashing (approx 10 min) 5 turn key to off position 6 turn back on again (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO START) 7 wait for security lamp to stop flashing again 8. repeat steps #5,#6,#7 9.turn ignition off and then back on and this time try to start engine. If everything is in working order you will have just performed the long version of PASSLOCK relearn procedure. PS. Make sure Battery is strong as the vehicle will be sitting with the ignition in the on position for approx 30 minutes