How do you get the console off a Mercedes-Benz 190-Series to replace the heater core or inspect the O rings for leakage?

I havn't done the heater core specifically, but I can walk you through on how to get the dash off.

Part 1. center console

1. Remove cigarette tray by angling the dish up and out at a 45 degree angle.

2. There should now be two Phillips head screws visible below where the removable tray was...remove them.

3. Slide the rest of the tray and cigarett lighter out, and unplug the lighter. (PS you might want to unplug the batt.)

4. Now you should have two more Phillips head screws visible below where the tray was, remove these also.

5. remove the swivel vents. (be very careful as they are fragile, I use needle nose pliers and very firmly yet gently release one side at a time for each vent)

6. Remove these screws that become visible

7. unplug radio and remove. (on an 86, to remove the wood plate below the radio, pull straight down and then out once the hooks are clear)

8. slide forward air-con unit and unplug

9. now the center console should be able to come out. you have to slide the bottom out first.

10. un plug fan control and completely remove center console.

Part 2 steering wheel and instrument cluster.

1. To remove the steering wheel, first make sure the batt. is detached so that when SRS is detached, it does not set off (have heard that having batt conected can cause this, not sure if its true, but play it safe)

2. There are two screws needed to be loosened to remove SRS. They are located on the back of steering wheel. cant recall the size, but i remember it was a star bit.

3. use Allen wrench to remove steering wheel center bolt. Wheel now slides straight off. (when putting it back on, i just slid the wheel on and when for a short drive down my road, which happens to be perfectly straight, and i made adjustments for alighment.)

4. Now the inst. cluster for this you need two special hooks. look in star magazine or other places where they sell mb parts.

slide hooks in on diaganols of cluster and hook the plate.

5. slide a ruler in the dead center of the top to unlatch the securing tab.

6. Use wiggling to pull out cluster w/ hooks.

7. Unplug connectors ( if your speedo cable is not very long like mine, yo will have to remove all foot well panels and reach up andfeel for the cable and disconnect it)

Part 3 The actuall Dash.

1. start by removing all foot well panesl so that the bolts can be accessed

(don't forget the plastic black trim that goes right below the steering wheel)

2. pop out sunroof switches adn disconnect

3. remove speaker grills

4. Remove the six (or seven) major bolts holding dash in place. They are located under the speaker grills, under the plastic black trim, on inside of doors, and underneath the trim located beneath the glove box.

5. remove the B pillar covors, (just clips)

6. now unplug the center air vent deflector (the thing that regulates air flow in the center vents. to do this there is a small Allen wrech nut inside the switch....disconnect it.)

7. remove glove box interior (remove vanity light and undo clips)

8. unplug the vent connectors for the outside vents (just pop off)

9. Pull out the dash, i found this to be easies using, first of all, two people, and starting with the pass. side of the car.

Have fun putting this all back together.

I found that to just take the dash off, it took me about 8 hours

good luck, and remember, MB designed all of their parts to come off, don't force anything