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remove the fuse, that will stop the dome light from coming on.

Or, if you want to be able to turn on the dome light when you use the switch to turn the light on, there's a connector on the backside of the door button (the thing that gets pushed in by the door when it's closed). Simply unplug it.

When I bought my 2006 wrangler I had the same problem. The easiest solution is to pull the fuse but that becomes a hassle. The BEST and most convenient fix that I found is offered from a Jeep aftermarket parts co. called Quadratec. They sell a switch that is really easy to install and it mounts under the dash of the passenger side ( its hidden so people wont even know its there. when you take the doors off switch it off..when you put them on switch it back on. here's the link hope this helps :

Is there a dome light made that will fit the Jeep Wrangler that has the side (selector) button on the light itself to put it on door / off / on ? So that the easiest way is to just put it on off when the doors are off or switch it to on position when you need it, even if the doors are off ? So that way the key in ignition chime still works if you leave the key in when the ignition is off. A helpful reminder. Plus you may just want the light not to work even if your doors are on. You just don't want the light to work at that particular time for some reason or another. But you still NEED the key in ignition chime to work.

Or just take 3 pounds of TNT or C4 place it in your car, walk about 23 feet away a blow it, if that descent fix it you have a REAL problem

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Q: How do you get the dome light off when you take the half doors off a 2000 jeep wrangler sport?
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to remove the doors you un-bolt the door then you lift the door up and off of the hinge.

Will a hard top from a 2000 Wrangler fit a 1995 Wrangler?

no ... tj to yj doors are diffrent

Where is the jack located on a 2000 wrangler sport?

under the passager seat.

In a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport what size are the speakers?

4" by 6"

Will a soft top from a 2000 Jeep Wrangler fit on a 1995 Jeep Wrangler?

no doors are different. cj 7 will fit but not tj.

How large is the gas tank on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport?

19 gallons

How do you replace the fog light switch on a 2000 wrangler?

replace it

What is the mpg on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler sport?

average 16mpg. but around 19 on the highway

How would you remove the stuck doors from a 2000 Jeep Wrangler?

a little WD 40 should do the trick

How many quarts of oil in a 2000 jeep wrangler sport?

I can't remember the sport option gives the Wrangler so... 2.5L 4 cyl = 4.25 - 4.5qts 4.0l 6 cyl = 6 qts

Replace 2000 Jeep Wrangler outside door latch?

Do you have the full hard doors or is the top halk of the door the same fabric as the soft top? full doors

What do you do if the gear shifts lock on a 2000 Wrangler Sport?

Check to see if the brake lights work. Had a mustang that the brake light switch activation would release the shift locking mechanism.

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What are the door speaker sizes for a 2000 montero sport?

I replaced mine and they are 6.5" in the front doors and the rear doors. The tweeters are 1".

Where are the fuel filter located on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 liter?

there isn't one. goofy yea i said the same thing... the filter is a screen on the end of the pump inside the tank. bad design YES if it idles rough at the start it needs new plugs trust me i had the same issue on my 2000 jeep wrangler sport.

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how to fix po 743 2000 jeep wrangler

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disconect pos battery cable for a few minutes

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how to change the windshield wiper motor in a 2000 jeep wrangler

Will a 2000 wrangler soft top fit a 2002 Wrangler x?

No, Wrangler x is a stretched out version of a Wrangler, the top is longer.

Why do my overhead interior lights flicker on and off while driving a 2000 montero sport?

one of the doors is not closed all the way or the switch in one of the door jams turning off the light. I would guess that the light is flickering when you driving. Which means it is one of the switches

What type of motor oil for a 2000 Jeep Wrangler?

A 2000 Jeep Wrangler uses 10W30. It can be synthetic, conventional, or a blend.

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2000 to 2006 wrangler 1999 to 2004 grand only cherokee

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What type of tool is required to release the serpentine belt tensioner on a 2000 jeep 4 L wrangler sport?

A Wrench!! takes awhile and it is cramped but that is the way to do it!