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you have to remove the intake manifold it is located in the very back of the engine.fuel injectors and all

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Q: How do you get to the egr value on 1994 Ford Thunderbird 4.6 engine?
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Will 24 inch rims fit on a 1994 ford Thunderbird?

bolt pattern for a 1994 ford thunderbird

Is 1994 ford thunder bird obd1 or 2?

A 1994 Ford Thunderbird is ( OBD I )

Is the engine for a 1993 Ford Thunderbird 3.8Lthe same as the engine for a 1994 Mercury Cougar Xr7 3.8L engine?

you can put a 5.0L and everything will be fine!! =]

What type of brake fluid do you use for a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

For a 1994 Ford Thunderbird : ( DOT 3 brake fluid , meeting Ford specification ESA-M6C25-A )

Where are the vacuum lines on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

Where are the vacuum hoses on a 1995 ford thunderbird 4.6l engine?

Timing belt for 1997 ford thunderbird LX 3.8 engine?

In a 1997 Ford Thunderbird the 3.8 liter V6 engine has a timing CHAIN

Where is bank 2 sensor 1 located on 1994 ford thunderbird LX 4.6L V8?

On a 1994 Ford Thunderbird , 4.6 liter V8 : Bank 2 is the drivers side of the engine Sensor 1 would be close to the engine before the exhaust enters the catalytic converter

Is there a check engine light and a service engine soon on a 1989 Ford Thunderbird?

There is a CEL, Check Engine Light, on the 1989 Thunderbird.

Where is the kill switch on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?


Can you supercharge your 4.6 v8 in your 1994 Ford Thunderbird?


What is the spark plug gap on a1997 ford thunderbird lx 3.8 engine?

what is the spark plug gap on a 1997 ford thunderbird lx 3.8 engine

Where is the engine serial number on a 1962 Ford Thunderbird?

Ford did not serialize the engine blocks or heads.

How much horse power does a 97 Ford Thunderbird have?

The 1997 Ford Thunderbird 4.6L engine was reported to have 205 HP.

Where are the headlight adjustment screws on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

the headlight adjustment screws on a 1994-1997 ford thunderbird are found in a similar position to the 1987-1993 ford mustangs. They are on the back of the headlights in the engine compartment. they too are also 4MM hex heads located between the radiator core support and the hedalamp itself.

How much will it cost to change from automatic to manual transmission in your 1994 ford Thunderbird?

More than the actual value of your car. definitely.

What is the top speed of a 1994 Ford Thunderbird lx?


How many bolts to the starter on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?


What type of gasoline do you put in a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?


Does the 1994 Ford Thunderbird have a timing belt or chain?


What is the oil capacity on a 1988 Ford Thunderbird?

What engine do you have?

Where is the computer located in a 2000 Ford Thunderbird?

In the engine.

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

Follow the top radiator hose back to the engine. This is where the thermostat is. Remove the 2 bolts and there it is.

How do you get to the bolts around the bell housing for removal of the oil pan on a 1994 m50 engine?

Trying to remove the oil pan from 1994 thunderbird, what tools will i need to purchase? we are trying to remove the oil pan from 1994 Ford Thunderbird (have a leak), can you tell me what tools I will need to purchase? Thanks

How do you change motor mount on 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

The 1994 Ford Thunderbird motor mounts are secured with a bolt and nut running through the middle of the motor mount. Loosen the nut and pull the bolt out.

Does a 97 Ford Thunderbird have a distributor cap and rotor?

The 3.8 liter V6 engine has a distributor cap and rotor in a 1997 Ford Thunderbird