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I have been married for 10 years and then we went through the process, all we had to do was complete a I 385 form to request permission for him to be here. They were all aware that he entered illegally. I also did not have a lawyer. Anyways, the I385 form was sent to Nebraska and approved, but that wasn't the end yet, they sent his information to the American Consulate in Ciudad Juarez Mexico and we had to wait for an appointment with them to apply for his Green Card. We received a letter stating that he had an appointment on whatever date and that the appointment was at the Consulate in Mexico. We assumed that once we got there, we would get the Green Card the same day, but it did not work that way. We stood there for hours in a line and once we got to the counter, they told us that my husband would have to stay in Mexico for 12-15 months until his Green Card application was processed. And that is what happened, on the anniversary of the 15 months I received a letter stating that he had an appointment to go review the Green Card application, so he went and received his Green Card the same day and came back home. Once he got home, he was able to apply for a SSN and has been straight ever since.

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Q: How do you get your Mexican spouse legal when he crossed the Mexican border illegally?
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Can I file joint taxes if my spouse is not an American citizen?

Yes, if your spouse has a Taxpayer Id. I would not bring attention to your spouse if they are here illegally.

What is the best definition of bigamy?

An individual is illegally married to more than one spouse at a time:)

What is the best desciption of bigamy?

an individual is illegally married to more than one spouse at a time...A+ :)

How can you marry an illegal alien who is already in the US?

At your local city hall, but it does not help in the process of your spouse becoming a citizen. It is a very difficult process especially if your spouse came illegally through mexico.

How can a same-sex spouse fix the other's legal papers?

Effective June 26, 2013, an American citizen can sponsor a same-sex, foreign spouse for permanent residency. The process is easier if the foreign spouse has not overstayed a visa and has not entered the country illegally. If the foreign spouse entered the country illegally, he or she may be subject to a bar for re-entry to the United States. Many other countries permit citizens to sponsor same-sex spouses.

Does an American citizen that is married to a Mexican national have to have a visa to live Mexico with her spouse?


Is it legal to have more than one spouse in Mexico?

No. Polygamy is severely punished by Mexican laws.

How long does it take to get a Mexican passport after marrying a Mexican citizen?

You must move to Mexico with your spouse and live there for two years with an immigrant visa, then you can apply for Mexican citizenship. You can have both a Mexican and a US passport and be a dual citizen. If you were not married to a Mexican citizen, you would have to live there for four years.

Can you petition for a spouse that tried to illegally entry The United States?

It depends on the country you are living in. However most countries will not allow it, or make it extremely hard.

You want to marry a Mexican citizen. Can you live in Mexico after the marriage?

Your spouse has to sponsor you for immigration to Mexico.

Can you apply for a fiance visa for an illegal immigrant spouse?

NO! If you could do that then every Mexican with an American girlfirend would be legal. We are all hiding out and waiting for some kind of immigration reform that will give them some kind of chance at legal status. If you file those papers while he is here illegally, you might as well kiss him goodbye.

Is bigamy grounds for automatic divorce for first spouse?

Bigamy means that the first marriage is the legal one, not the second one. If you are the second spouse, you are not legally married. The first marriage still stands and your spouse needs to get it handled legally. The spouse that illegally remarried is also in some deep legal trouble. Bigamy is against the law! In my opinion, if you are the second spouse, get out of there NOW! And protect the assets your brought into this relationship before it's too late. Don't think you got a prize in this person who deceived you and the first spouse.

What can a US citizen do to keep her illegal immigrant spouse from being deported back to Mexico?

The citizen spouse has no recourse to the action as US immigration laws no longer allow a citizen spouse to apply for residency for an illegal immigrant spouse. The Mexican national will have to leave the US and file under the required USCIS regulations for reentry.

Can the same-sex spouse of a Mexican citizen obtain dual citizenship?

Yes, after living in Mexico for two years, as opposed to five years if you are not married to a Mexican. The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriages must be recognized.

Can a legal citizen obtain legal status for a spouse if he is here illegally?

Yre, you simply have to have your spouse apply as a Resident Alien with the INS. It takes some time and expense (fingerprinting, medical check-up, criminal records check in his country and here, etc.) but it must be done. After Green Card is awarded the spouse can apply for Citizenship after 3 years.

Can a person with dual citizenship US and Mexico get married in Mexico with his Mexican birth certificate and later petition for his spouse to come to the US?

Yes, but as you pointed out, your spouse needs to begin the application for the immigration and naturalization process.

If an American woman marries a Mexican man in Mexico is he automatically able to move to the U.S. with no visa?

No, the Mexican national will still have to get a Mexican passport. The US citizen will have to petition the husband in the USA (lots of paperwork) and wait for the appointment date, which may take several months. The appointment will be made in a US Consulate in Mexico and both spouses have to go. The spouse will have to get medical exams, fingerprints, photographs, etc, and they will indicate where you have to go get them done. Appointment may be in Monterrey, Piedras Negras or somewhere else. After the appointment and if the spouse is approved, he will get the legal documents to turn in at the US/Mexico border. This is a time consuming and costly procedure. Just because a person is a US citizien the spouse does not automatically get the green card or legal residency. It doesn't work like that any more. Especially after 911.

How does an illegal spouse get papers through marriage if they were deported for being in the US illegally?

They apply for a visa. Because they were deported, there may be fines and a long waiting period (3 to 5 years).

If you are a man who has married and illegal Mexican and had children what happens when you get divorced?

You're children are legal citizens, and your ex-spouse may apply for immigrant status.

How does an American marry an illegal Mexican in Florida?

There are not laws that prevent a citizen from marrying a foreign national who is unlawfully present in the U.S. It is unlikely that an undocumented immigrant would have the identification required by state law, such as a SS#. Be that as it may, the citizen spouse would not be able to file an application for the non-citizen spouse's permanent resident status, because he was in the country illegally. The non-citizen spouse must return to Mexico and the required USCIS laws must be followed before he can legally reenter the U.S. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

If you are a US cit. and you married a Mexican that came in illegally and already file and just waiting on interview how long is the wait and is heshe able to attain residency file an I-130?

It depends on when you got married. Did you spouse file papers with immigration, before you were married? Do you have a lawyer? Did they pay their fines for coming here illegal, get a physical, etc..... Also they changed the law in 2001, if you go married recently, your spouse will have to return to Mexico for at least 6 months, with a year being more likely. They would have to stay until they are approved.

How can a spouse who was in the U.S. illegally at the time of the marriage obtain legal status?

You need to get application from INS and follow their instructions such as getting finger prints, medical check-up (by INS approved doctor) and mail it in with payment. It is a 6 month to 1 year process. * Citizen spouses can no longer sponsor and apply for permanent residency of non-citizen spouse if said person entered the U.S. illegally. Regardless of the marriage he or she will probably be required to leave the country and apply for reentry by use of the established USCIS procedures. There are a few exceptions to the law, such as the unlawfully present spouse being eligible for designation as as a refugee or asylee or a "derivative beneficiary".

if getting a divorce and you have two vehicles in your name and the other spouse want get the vehicle in their name can you legally sell it before the divorce?

No, you cannot sell it until the divorce is finalized. Otherwise, you are illegally disposing of community property.

How can a US citizen get a divorce from a Mexican citizen?

The U.S. citizen files divorce proceedings in the U.S. county where he or she lives and the fact that the defendant is a Mexican citizen does not prevent the plaintiff from obtaining a judgment of divorce. If the Mexican spouse is not physically present in the United States, that will make it more difficult to serve necessary court papers, but not impossible.

Can a spouse notarize something for a spouse?

can a spouse notarize a document for a spouse in business