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The citizen spouse has no recourse to the action as US Immigration laws no longer allow a citizen spouse to apply for residency for an illegal immigrant spouse. The Mexican national will have to leave the US and file under the required USCIS regulations for reentry.

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Q: What can a US citizen do to keep her illegal immigrant spouse from being deported back to Mexico?
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Can a illegal immigrant take his son to Mexico if hes a US citizen?

The illegal immigrant can take his United States citizen son to Mexico; however, it is highly likely that the illegal father will be detained at customs due to his lack of citizenship.

If a female illegal immigrant becomes pregnant by us male citizen and baby is born in Mexico is the baby a us citizen?


Is your marriage valid if you marry an illegal immigrant from Mexico?

Yes, the marriage is valid. However, it doesn't change their status and they can still be deported.

Is a marriage between an American citizen and an illegal alien from Mexico binding?

No. He or she can and will be deported when the authorities notice his or her legal status.

Your friend is an illegal immigrant and has a 2 year old son born here in the US her husband got deported back to Mexico what can she do to stay in the US for the child's future as a us citizen?

Leave and return legally before she is caught.

Can a US citizen adopt an illegal immigrant adult in New Mexico?

No. An adult cannot adopt another adult.

How can an illegal immigrant return to Mexico?

There's no such thing as an ''illegal immigrant'', a human being can't be illegal.

Is it better to marry an illegal immigrant in Mexico?

well if they are in Mexico then they arent an illegal immigrant anymore. If you love them then yeah marry them.

How can a US citizen sponsor an illegal immigrant from Mexico so that they may remain or return to the US?

Your question reveals an unconscious bias. You said,= "How can a US citizen sponsor an illegal immigrant...." = If you "sponsor" them, they are not an "illegal immigrant." Careful, the way your question is phrased says a lot about you. The very term "illegal immigrant" is insulting to ....migrant workers, especially. Mexican citizens surely don't like the phrase and, by the way, Superman was apparently an "illegal immigrant" and you SURELY wouldn't want to insult HIM.

Can you get married to an illegal immigrant from Mexico in Colorado?

no,you can not

If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

Can a US citizen marry an illegal immigrant legally?

Sometimes, but each case is different, and it is very difficult if the immigrant is originally from Mexico. It certainly wouldn't hurt to consult with an immigration lawyer though.

How long does it take for an illegal immigrant living in Mexico to become legal in the United States after married to a U S citizen?

Type your answer here... never

Can a illegal immigrant move back to Mexico by car?

Yes a illegal immigrant can move back to Mexico by car because if they are illegal immigrant can. And they are not be force to go back to Mexico but it was their decision on going back by car. Even though they bought the car in the U.S they can still take the car with them because they bought it. Plus the illegal immigrants can stay in the U.S so they have to go.

Does a baby born in the US with illegal parents loose citizenship if deported back to Mexico with parents?

No. A baby born in the United States is a citizen of the United States no matter where he/she subsequently moves.

If an illegal Mexican immigrant gets caught in the US are they deported back to Mexico?

Yes, it costs the U.S thousands to transport them back. There is no penalty involved for the illegal so they will probably try again and again to sneak over the border. hope this helps. GM

Can a US citizen sponsor an illegal immigrant from Mexico?

You cannot sponsor someone who is already here illegally. You CAN sponsor them if they go home and apply for entry with a sponsor who will provide a home and/or a job.

My boyfriend got deported can i marriage my boyfriend if I'm in the US and he is in Mexico?

If your boyfriend got deported, you can marry him to make him a U.S. citizen. But remember, the process of becoming a citizen may be a rigorous one. Best luck!

Marrying an illegal immigrant from Mexico?

Very difficult to do so; go to government site and find out about illegal marriages.

Are gopeds illegal?

Yes, if you are caught with one, you will promptly be deported to Mexico, regardless or your country of origin.

If a US citizen marries a Mexican illegal immigrant in Mexico who has been deported twice and lived in the US under a false identity can he move back to the US with his spouse and become a US citizen?

Not until he/she gets a green card or at least permission by the USCIS, based on your marriage in Mexico. Now about the name jumble: It would be in his/her favor that he/she did not use his/her real name in the USA while illegal, specially since he/she has been deported at least once. That is if he/she never used his/her real name while illegally in the USA, so as far as the INS is concerned, he/she was never here (the USA). That said, I hope that he/she used his/her real name when she married you in Mexico. I think you know why. Now, go to the USCIS or an immigration attorney and file the paperwork to bring you foreing husband/wife to the USA. Actually, it's OK if he/she (the immigrant) used his/her real name while illegally in the U.S. As long as he/she did not give his/her real name when deported. The reason for this is the possible 3 to 10-year ban for entering the country illegally AND being deported at least once.

A person that came to the us illegally has married a us citizen under the current immigration laws does this person have to go back to Mexico and wait there for her paperwork to go through?

Yes, the illegal immigrant has to return to Mexico and obtain an entry permit. \

My boyfriend is a illegal immgrant that has been deported 3 time and if i marry him and have kids from him but he is from Belize not Mexico is it easyer for him to get approved to be a u.s.a citizen?

No, it's practically impossible due to his behaviour but pay an imigration lawyer for a consultation/

Is there any way an illegal immigrant from Mexico can attain permanent residency?

Go back to Mexico and wait in line. Sorry.

How can a US citizen become legal in Mexico if they have been living for 2 yrs as an illegal immigrant in Mexico?

In 2011 Mexico decriminalized illegal immigration, thus becoming an administrative infraction punishable with a fine that stays around US$500. Mexico also recognizes dual citizenship, so all you have to do is to define your status, pay the corresponding fine and begin the process to acquire legal residence through the FM2 (immigrant) process. You should however, consult a legal advisor.