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Trade it in for a Vette or something...

You dont. And the 89' skylark gets WAY more than 7 miles to the gallon. I get about 20-23 in the city and 32 on the highway.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 18:49:27
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Q: How do you give a 1989 Buick Skylark more engine power?
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Instructions for replacing air filter on 1989 4 cylinder Buick Skylark?

instructions for replacing air filter on 1989 Buick Skylark 4 cylinder

Does 1991 Buick 3.8 engine fit in 1989 Buick?

Depends on what model Buick...

How do you put on a timing chain on an 1989 Buick Skylark?

It is a big job. Get a manual from the parts store or from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM with your hands

What is causing a clicking noise when turning right or left in 1989 Buick Skylark?

CVC joint needs replacing. This can be dangerous, have it repaired.

Where is the coil in the 1989 Buick Skylark?

I believe that model has coil packs located at the end of each pair of plug wires. Mark

How to drain gas tank of 1989 Buick Skylark?

use a section of 5 ft hose and suck on it till gas comes out to syphon

What weight of engine oil to use in 1989 Buick Electra?


Where is the starter located on a 1989 Buick LeSabre?

The starter on a 1989 Buick LeSabre can be found on the driver's side of the engine. It is down low, back by the bell housing for the transmission.

Where is the engine control module located on a 1989 Buick Reatta?

The coils are mounted to it.

What is the tire size for 1989 Buick Skylark?

Recommended should be in your manual or a tire store can look it up. If your spare is original & not a space saver, check the blackwall.

What is the correct tire size for a 1989 Buick Skylark?

Listed on the driver's door post.OEM Sizes 205/70-13 or 215/60-14

What is the firing order diagram of a 1989 Buick Century 3.3 liter engine?


Where is the thermostat on a 1989 Buick reatta?

right where the coolant hose enters the engine block

What is wrong when the engine of a 1989 buick century 3.3 liter cranks but get no fire?

crank sencer

Why does your 1989 Buick engine race?

Sounds like a choke problem/fast idle speed adjustment.

Where is the power steering reservoir in a 1989 BMW 750?

The 1989 BMW 750 power steering reservoir is located on the back side of the engine. The power steering reservoir will be between the engine and the firewall.

What could cause a 1989 Buick Skylark to run in park and neutral and then die when it's put into drive reverse etc?

Sounds like a torque converter issue, have it checked at a transmission shop

What is the spark plug gap for a 1989 Buick Century with a 3.3 liter 6 cylinder engine?

0.060 inches

Will your 1989 Buick Regal Gran Sport V6 3.1L engine be damaged if you jumped timing?

Very likely

Where is the crankshaft sensor on a 1989 Buick Regal 2.8 V6 and how do you replace it?

at the front of the engine,next to the harmonic balancer

1989 Buick Electra Park Avenue blower motor location?

Blower motor is located on the firewall behind the engine.

Slow electrical drain kills the battery in 2 days on Buick 1989 Skylark 6-cylinder Is it OK to install a battery disconnect or will it damage the computer?

I don't think the computer not getting electricity will hurt it.

Will a Nissan engine work in a 1989 Buick park avenue?

no,but a buick park ave 92- 94 or 95 ,has the same trans as a front -wheel drive VOLVO X C -90

Computer for 1989 buick park avenue?

For model year 1989 General Motors did not produce the Buick Park Avenue. The soonest production date to 1989 was the 1991 Park Avenue. The 1991 Park Avenue was offered in 3800 engine in supercharged or naturally aspirated. The part numbers for electronic control module (ECM) or "computer" will vary based on the exact engine for model year 1991s.

How do you turn securty light off on 1989 Buick Rhetta?

how do you turn off security light on 1989 Buick Rhetta