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How do you go about becoming a pop singer?


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You have to have talent, experience and a lot of luck. Or, if you are fortunate, all you have to do is know the right person/people.

But more important than talent, is dedication. You have to want it and be willing to work and sacrifice for it.

And finally, many people have some degree of talent, but to be *truly* successful you need to have the 'gift.' If you don't understand what I mean by 'gift' then you don't have it or know anyone who does. A person with talent may sing beautifully, but a singer with the 'gift' will sing the same song and just blow you away - yet you won't be able to put your finger on just exactly where the difference is.

They'll be just as dedicated, work just as hard, but they will be able to make it seem as effortless as breathing.

If luck is with you, you may just find yourself in the right place at the right time for that lucky break. Doesn't mean you deserve it any less...

But if you rely solely on knowing the right person -say, an uncle in the industry, odds are you *don't* deserve it.

1. Sing. Join the school choir. Sing in your church choir. Enter talent contests.

2. Even some of the best vocalists use voice coaches. So take voice lessons early on.

3. Find a talent agency or agent.

4. Be ready to take jobs that pay peanuts (or nothing at all) when you are starting out and think of them as practice, as skill building, as 'paying your dues.' Believe me you'll appreciate it all the more if you achieve fame because you worked hard and *earned* it. If it's simply handed to you, you'll never be able to appreciate its worth.

5. Don't get discouraged and DO NOT give up. It's a cliche, but 'quitters never win.' (there is a reason cliches become cliches - because there is truth to them)

6. Always remember that no matter how good you are or think you are, there will always be someone who is better.

7. Never play the prima Donna; you may earn a reputation you will never be able to live down. I know a musician who put out several albums, made hundreds of thousands of $$$, but he became so arrogant that no one will work with him anymore. His career was over just as it hit its peak. He was only 21, and his music career was over.

If it were simply a matter of doing this and that, then everyone would be doing it. And an awful lot of very talented performers are never recognized for their talent or gift - even some of the Greatest of their fields only just made it by the skin of their teeth, or because some particular person saved them from going into oblivion, all because that one person believed in them.

Before you get all starry eyed, you need to be honest with yourself. Enter some talent contests, hire a vocal coach, or find a talent agency. Trust them to be brutally honest with you, in a way your family and friends won't. Then decide if you are really good enough to continue pursuing your dream. The entertainment industry is brutal, with few successes by comparison.

I wish you luck.

Try an idol - American idol, Australian idol, or even X factor

I've tried for years to become a pop star. What I would do is make a demo and give it to an agency so they can hear it. If they like what they hear .... chances are ... you'll be on the radio or you'll get a record deal. NEVER GIVE UP!! IT WONT GET YOU ANY WHERE! THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU WANT IS TO FIGHT FOR IT! ... and don't smoke or drink, because it will mess everything up!!

What you need to do is have a lot of confidence and try and find a way - Australian Idol, Face book, or take a video of yourself and paste it on the Internet. See if someone will contact you. Good luck

If you need to be a pop star, follow your dream; don't give up ... you can go on a singing show or go to an agent and give them your tape. If they like it, then you are on the way.

Do a 'Justin Bieber' or a 'Gypsy and the Cat'.

Record a high quality recording, or produce your own work well, place it up on the Internet - Youtube or MySpace, etc., and eventually, if your talent and production quality is evident, you will be 'picked up' by the right people in the industry just awaiting the next great potential entity to come along.

Production today can be most important, as Gypsy and the Cat realized - being former DJ's. Record companies love to receive material that is already well under way to 'ready product' - much less time and work for them, less cost, some advertising already under way, and mostly, much easier to be able to recognize the potential.

1. Have a quality demo

We've all had someone that we know hand us a CDR labeled with a faded Sharpie. If they are really up on their stuff they will even have the CD in a jewel case or a white paper sleeve. When you get in your car you put the disk in the CD player, and the first thing that you notice is that the music is really quiet so you turn up your radio. Once the radio is turned up as loud as your car system can go you attempt to listen to the music. That's when you realize that the sound quality is terrible. The guitars are too loud the vocals are too low in the mix, it flat out sounds like garbage. You try to listen to it but its too annoying so you have no choice but to turn it off, and never to listen to it again.

That's exactly what label execs, and potential supporters go through. They've already decided that you aren't very talented because your CD sounds like you recorded it on a boombox with a Fisher Price microphone.

It's extremely important for aspiring artists to have a demo that has high sonic quality. Otherwise your true abilities may go unnoticed by your intended listener.

With the number of professional recording studios increasing and the amount quality equipment becoming available, there is no excuse to have a crappy sounding demo.

Make sure that you record your project with decent microphones and preamps, and make sure that you get a quality mix. If mixing and mastering is not your specialty, hand it off to a professional with some experience and you are guaranteed to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

2. Be a professional

It's critical to your success that you appear professional to the public. Everything you do must be professional. Your fliers, posters, websites, albums, videos ect… Must be quality. Don't settle for anything less. I know that it may be more expensive to get your photos taken by a professional with professional cameras and equipment, but consider it as investing in your career. People want to support and invest their time and money into to an artist/band who invest their time and money to deliver quality products. Don't cut corners! Be a professional.

3. Perform, Perform, Perfom

If you do the the first two steps, there is nothing else you can do but perform. Do as many shows in as many different markets as you can. Be careful not to over saturate one market. Over-playing one market can lead to consumer fatigue. Your fan base may get burnt out by hearing and seeing the same performance over and over again. Try to play enough in a specific market that people remember you, but not so much where don't miss you when you're gone.

Doing these steps, along with being good, will help separate you from the rest in an already over populated industry.

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So there you have it.

Quite a comprehensive aid, guide and offering from various experienced people - some even in the industry, others associated with it - that should cover most facets of entering the pop singing-performing industry.