How do you grow tea?


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Tea comes from the leaves of tea plant (camellia sinensis). Tea grows best in a humid subtropical climate, but can be grown in tropical regions as well. It generally cannot be grown in cold regions or arid to semiarid regions.

It can be grown outside if you live in a warm climate with sufficient rainfall (zone 8). However you can successfully grow it in other climates by use of a greenhouse or by growing the plant inside where it will be out of danger from frost. In borderline areas, you can plant the tea plant in a warm, sheltered area.

You can buy a tea plant, grow a plant from a cutting, or even from seeds. Seeds take about four weeks in order to germinate in the damp at a warm temperature.

Tea will need an acid soil in order to grow (pH4.5-7). Many places will sell acidified soil (or soil additives). You should also be careful since most tap water is slightly basic and will decrease the acidity of the soil over time.

Soil should be well drained and sandy. Too much moisture around the plant will encourage the growth of detrimental molds and mildews so it is best to water only as much as needed. If planted outside then some protection needs to be put around it on rainy days to prevent the plant from getting too wet.


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