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How do you hard reset my hp ipaq?

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hx2495 : hold 1st (calender) and third (envelope) buttons plus power press reset button, continue holding the 3 buttons for 3-5 seconds after reboot thern release

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How do you hard reset hp ipaq rx1955?

A clean reset clears all user-installed settings, programs, and data, and it restores your HP iPAQ to factory settings. CAUTION: If you perform a clean reset, your HP iPAQ loses all data. Be sure to save any unsaved data within a running application before performing a clean reset.To perform a clean reset and return you HP iPAQ to factory settings: # Press and hold the Calendar and iPAQ Wireless buttons. # While holding down these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the left side of the HP iPAQ for about two seconds. # When the HP iPAQ screen begins to fade, release the Calendar and iPAQ Wireless buttons first, and then remove the stylus from the Reset button. # Plug the device into the AC Adapter or press the Reset button again. The HP iPAQ resets and powers on.

How do you reset your hp ipaq x11-2104?


Hard reset ipaq 6915?

To perform a hard reset on a HP IPAQ 6915, you start by pressing and holding the answer/send, power, and end call buttons. While holding these buttons down, use the stylus to press the reset button on the bottom of the device until it restarts. Once restarted, release all of the buttons and then remove the stylus from reset button.

How do you hard reset hp ipaq rx 5915?

Hold Quick Launch + Rotate Screen (top and bottom buttons on the right side), then push in the little recessed reset button at the top. Worked wonders on mine!

How do hard reset your hp ipaq 6945?

Contact this person Mr Jonathan at Dubai, the number is 00971503493510 he looks after techical depatment of O2 PDA, he can tell how to hard reset, in my advise dont do it, I am not a technical person but I have a fair idea about PDAs. My email is

How do you hard reset hp ipaq rx4240?

Here's what you do: * On the right side of the iPaq, hold down the first and fourth buttons. The first button meaning the button under the wheel on the side and the fourth button meaning the button above the on/off button. * As you are holding them down, use your stylus to reset the iPaq. * Continue to hold down these buttons as it resets. If you let go of the buttons, it will not...I repeat...will NOT do a hard reset, so make sure you're holding them down. * If you did it correctly, when the screen comes back showing you the reset, it will say, "Formatting PS..." at the bottom of the screen. Hope this helps.

How do you connect to wlan use proxy pocket PC is hp ipaq rx4240?

How do you connect to WLANuse proxy pocket PC is hp iPAQ rx4240?

Where can one purchase a HP ipaq rx5915 Travel Companion?

These can be purchased online from HP directly. Alternatively there are a number of reseller sites online where the HP ipaq rx5915 Travel Companion can be purchased.

How do you install gps on hp ipaq hw 6915?

I have an Ipaq HP and I purchased a GPS module from Radio Shack for about $100. It comes with everything you need and plugs right into the bottom of your PDA.

How do you hard reset my ipaq hx2110?

Resetting the DeviceSometimes there is a need to reset your Pocket PC. Resetting thedevice is known as performing a "soft" or "hard" reset.Performing a Soft ResetA soft reset stops all running applications, but does not erase anyprograms or saved data. Be sure to save any unsaved data withina running application before performing a soft reset.Perform a soft reset to:â–  Stop all running applicationsâ–  Install a new applicationâ–  Restart the Pocket PC if it stops respondingTo perform a soft reset:1. Locate the recessed Reset button on the bottom of your iPAQPocket PC.2. Use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button.The Pocket PC restarts and displays the Today screen.Performing a Hard ResetPerform a hard reset only when you want to clear alluser-installed settings, applications, and data from RAM(Random Access Memory), where data and applications you haveloaded are stored.CAUTION: If you perform a hard reset, your Pocket PC loses all dataand programs not saved in iPAQ File Store.To perform a hard reset:1. Press and hold down the Calendar and iTask buttons.2. While holding down these buttons, use the stylus tolightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the iPAQPocket PC for about two seconds.3. When the Pocket PC screen begins to fade, release theCalendar and iTask buttons first, and then remove the stylusfrom the Reset button.Note: If you simultaneously push and hold the Reset, Calendar,and iTask buttons for more than two seconds, the batterydisconnects. To restart the device, either plug the device into theAC Adapter or press the Reset button again.After performing a hard reset, you may need to reinstallapplications stored in iPAQ File Store to restore shortcuts and fullfunctionality.4. The Pocket PC resets and powers on.To return your iPAQ Pocket PC to factory settings afterperforming a hard reset:1. Tap Start > Programs > File Explorer > My Device.2. Tap the iPAQ File Store folder to open it.3. Tap Edit > Select All.4. Tap and hold the selected files, then tap Delete.5. Tap Yes to delete all file in iPAQ File Store.Clean ResetOn Windows Mobile 2003 SE products, a hard (full) reset clears all user-installed settings, applications, and data from RAM (Random Access Memory), where data and applications you have loaded are stored. A full reset should be performed only if a normal reset does not solve a system lockup or failure. A full reset returns the unit to the factory defaults. Remove AC power before performing a full reset.NOTE: Data in the iPAQ File Store is maintained following a full reset. For all other data, users must restore data from an expansion storage card or PC ActiveSync backup after performing a full reset.On Windows Mobile 5.0 products, a hard (full) reset stops all running programs, but does not clear user data or applications because they are stored in ROM (Persistent Store feature). A hard reset also resets all hardware registers. Users can perform a Clean Reset, in which the product is cleared to its factory defaults. A clean reset returns the HP iPAQ to the default Windows Mobile 5.0 settings with no user data or applications.To perform a clean reset please follow these steps:# Press and hold the Calendar button, the Powerbutton, and the Messaging button.# While holding these buttons, use the stylus to lightly press the Reset button on the bottom of the HP iPAQ.

Which PDA is best for using as a GPS?

The HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion seems to be the best according to CNET. I have a 38.30 compaq ipaq pocket,how do you delete the e-mail

I Have a Hp ipaq 5910 and it has tomtom navgation and i am looking for a external gps antenna?

Yes call me 07766813255

How does the HP iPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld PC connect to the internet?

The HP IPAQ 211 Enterprise Handheld PC connects to the Internet via inbuilt WiFi. Simply activate the WiFi option in the settings menu and you will be able to connect to the Internet anywhere there is a WiFi signal within reach.

How much does a ipaq cost?

how much does and ipaq pocket PC

How do you reset hp printer?

HP printers have several methods of resetting. There are "maintenance resets" and other resets, such as "memory reset", "cold reset" etc. I need to know what you are trying to reset and what HP model you have.

What component in a laser printer is responsible for magnetically charging the toner?

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How do you use HP iPAQ as a satellite navigation tool in a car?

yo can use the HP IPAQ as satellite navigator by using the bluetooth GPS antenna and bye some maps that you interrest with and here is a website that offer these sollutions this website from Sweden hope you can get started even if you can not read the website

Are HP iPAQ PDAs reliable and worth the cost?

The Hewlett Packer IPAQ personal data assistant is extremely reliable and worth every penny. The cost is because of its high speed and ability to run several tasks at once. It is a very high quality PDA.

What company had the first touch screen phone?

hp had the first touch screen phone which was called the ipaq which came out in 2002 but we don't know what company it was with

Windows Media Player on an iPAQ?

I think you click and drag Windows Media Player to your iPAQ.

How do you turn on the ipaq?

it has an ON button

Can a canon k30225 cf WiFi card fit in a hp ipaq 1710?

Yes, as long as it isn't broken. You might also want to have the drivers disk on hand.

How do you hard reset HTC wiza200?

wiza200 hard reset cod

How do you reset hp C3180 chip?


Can you connect the ipaq 3600 to a wireless router?

The iPAQ 3600 series does not have built-in wireless networking capability. You will need a compactflash(CF) or PC Card (PCMCIA) expansion jacket and a wireless adapter compatible with the jacket and the handheld. I am using the iPAQ 212 its a nice piece, I think is the best iPAQ with all facility.

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