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How do you have to best sleep over ever for a birthday girl?


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January 17, 2012 10:05PM

if she is a girly girl

1. friends

2. give each other make-overs

3. snacks

4. paint their nails.

5. play games

6. Candy/ sweets

7. Movies

8. leting them stay up late but not too late


Bake some cakes, Its always fun to do some baking whether its scones or shortbread.


Go to your local store and rent a couple of dvd's, maybe even get some popcorn to go with it.


If you have a tent then you could all have a sleepover outside, maybe even go outside the tent and do some things with your hands when you make a dog or swan or whatever.


You and you friends could sit at a table and do some arts and crafts.


You all could play some card games like Speed, Rummy, Chase The Ace, Snap, Go Fish and loads more.


You all could play some board games like Snakes And Ladders, PayDay, Monopoly, Cluedo, or whatever ones you have at home.


At nightime you could all go to your nearest field or park and play Caves and Runners.


You could do makeovers for eachother, do eachothers hair, nails, makeup, toes, and many more and then take pictures to create memories of you fun sleepover.


And last but not least, Talk, Gossip, Chat about Boys, Or gossip about things you've heard like secrets.


Play chubby bunny. (Put loads of marshmallows in your mouth as say random stuff. The person that puts the most marshmallows in their mouth wins!)


Do an all nighter.


Have fashion shows with themes. E.g.. Scruffy fashion show, chavvy fashion show, etcc.

Have Fun !

It might not be everything your looking for but if you have anything else you want, write a comment and I will put it on my list .

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