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It's quite simple actually. All you need to do, is buy one eithernet cable and have a router. (continued below)

Step 1. If it's an Xbox 360 it would've come with one ethernet cord. If it's an original Xbox, then you'll need to buy 2 instead of the intended 1.

Step 2. Make sure the ethernet cable from your modem is in the back plugged into the router, also make sure that another cable is plugged into the back of your computer and also to the back of your router (thats what one of the cables is for).

Step 3. Now take the second cable (the one that you bought) or the cable came with the xbox system and plug that into the back of your system into the ethernet slot.

Step 4. Plug the cable you just plugged into your system into a third open slot on the back of the router and Voila! you are ready to "Pwn The Noobs" on a 'lil XBL. Mind you that Xbox Live does cost money ($50 or so a year). Now you can play with friends, transfer pictures or movies or music, depending on if its an original or xbox 360!...I hope this helps

~Mr. Lonely~

p.s. - You will need to do a few more things: go to system setup on the xbox dashboard (all the way to the right on the screen where your profiles are kept) then go to computer setup. Then you will get a code to enter at

The above will only hook up the Xbox 360 console to the internet by routing the internet to it, a router just splits the internet and assigns internal IP addresses in order to allow internet use by both the computer and the Xbox console. If you meant how to hook up the console to "Browse" its hard-drive/DVD drive/etc., it is not quite as easy. You should look up "Xbox 360 hotswapping" in Google or something and that will show you how to view the hard drive contents.

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Q: How do you hook up an Xbox to a PC without spending a fortune on hardware and software?
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