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With the running lights turned the wire that has 12Volts will go 2 the bulb wire that is not as bright as the other-one filiment willb dim & the other will b bright.DIM is your running lights-the other wire is your turn signals..& make sure the groung wire is grounded 2 a clean mounting bolt .

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:48:18
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Q: How do you hook up the 2 wires on the drivers side turn signal socket?
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Where do you find the fuse box to hook wires to a boat on a 2004 Ford Expedition?

Tie the wires on the new plug into the existing brake and turn signal wires.

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Amplifier instalation is the same as any-- power wire, ground wire, wires to subwoofer. The "tricky part is taping into existing wires to get the required input signal and the remote signal to switch the amp on and off.

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It's actually funnier to hook them to a turn signal.

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You can, but it's hard because you may short wires because the pins on the wiring harness socket is small and easy to short out on other pins if the wires fray.

How do you rewire and old outside light with 2 wires to a new three wire plug in?

use both wires to hook up black and white..u must use the ground wire also ground the ground wire to the socket your installing..then your ok

Ford F-350 turn signal left signal not working trailer hook-up?

Left sinal not working in trailer hook up ?

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First unscrew the turn signal lense. Next, unscrew the metal panel from the fender. Under the fender there will be three wires, unplug all of them. Put the new metal panel on a hook up the three wires, making sure that you hook up each color correctly. Next make sure that there are bulbs in it. Finally screw on the turn signal lense. Then you can test the turn signal to make sure it works. If it doesn't, then look at the wiring under the fender to see if it is hooked up right and then look at the bulbs to make sure they work.

Where do you hook up a kindle on a computer?

You would connect it to a spare USB socket.

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twist the two wires around the other wire, after doing that get the green wire put it in the 3rd socket to the left of the fusion stamp.

How do you hook up spark plug wires for 1993 Honda Civic EX to get correct firing order?

start at the 1 plug on the passenger side and go 1234 not from left drivers side 4321 i had the same problem your short wires will go on first then the long ones

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