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How do you increase hair growth?

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depends on where you want it to grow! ( nice one!)

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Does high testosterone levels increase facial hair growth?

goat blood and horse radish are known to increase facial hair growth

Does coconut oil increase hair growth?


How can increase hair hormones?

Growth hormones?

Is there a cream to increase hair growth?

You can use garnier hair cream :)

How do your increase hair growth?

Try Some Indian Hair Oils

What minerals increase the growth of facial hair?


How can you increase facial hair growth?


Does milk help your hair grow faster?

Yes. It will increase your hair growth.

Does water increase hair growth?

Drinking water improves all of the human body's functions, including hair growth.

How can you increase your facial hair growth?

Shaving makes your facial hair grow longer and thicker.

How do you you know if your hitting puberty?

the main signs are increase in testis size. There is growth of pubic hair and facial hair and armpit hair.

What part of your body growth during puberty?

There is an overall growth of the body .There is growth of facial, underarm and pubic hair. Increase in weight and height.

Are dry fruits helpful in growth of hair?

Dry fruits are something that might increase ur 'x' vitamin, and if that helps in your hair growth, hands to it. But usually some health tonics/syrups/capsules/tablets are prescribed to get better hair growth.

How gents will come to know about their puberty?

There is increase in size of the testis. Also there is increase in the penile size. Growth of facial hair.

Is there any way to increase hair growth on your legs and arms without any surgeries or procedures?

ya, there are like pills/tablits u can take for faster hair growth

Can I grow facial hair fast?

No, short of taking hormones with nasty side effects, there is no way to increase the rate of hair growth, aside from the brief increase that is caused by shaving.

What shoukd i do to promote hair growth?

There are several things you can do to promote hair growth. For one, try to manage your stress levels. Second, apply hair oil and even yogurt at least once a week. You can also eat healthier, which has been proven to increase and enhance hair and follicle growth.

What bodily functions is not affected by metabolism?

hair growth

How do you know if ive started puberty?

The first sign is increase in the size of testis. Then there is growth of pubic hair.

Does an avocado make your hair grow and if it does how much does it make your hair grow?

Plant oils in general help increase hair growth. How much it makes hair grow varies from person to person.

What are all the effects of puberty?

The first thing is the increase in testis size. There is growth of hair in the pubic region. Simultaneously the bodys height and weight increase.

What is the steps in puberty?

The first step is increase in the size of testis. then the increase in height and weight of the body . then growth of hair on face, pubic region and armpits.

How can one make the hair grow faster?

Generally, there are no techniques that can make hair grow faster, including hair trimming, follicle stimulation, and special hair products. The only proven way to increase hair growth speed is to increase consumption of amino acids through diet change.

Can you grow a widow's peak in your hair by shaving the finer hair on the forehead to encourage growth?

No, shaving does not encourage hair growth. Hair growth is determined by the hair follicles.

How do you encourage hair growth?

buy hair-growth shampoo