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How do you install a 1997 E320 Mercedes Benz blower motor?


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2015-07-15 20:54:12
2015-07-15 20:54:12

The blower motor is located above the passenger foot well inside the dashboard below the glovebox. I recently changed my blower for $230. it is not that difficult. I understand the dealer charges much more.

It is accessed from the panel above the footwell. With a phillips screwdriver remove two screws holding the panel in. pull the panel down and towards the passenger seat. (you can leave the light wire attatched and lean the cover against the transmission hump. Now you will need a Torx driver to remove 5 torx screws holging the blower cover in place. Disconnect the electrical connection to the fan blower where it meets the blower box. Use the same torx drive to remove the 4 torx screws holding the blower in place.

For pictures of this disassembly look at the website in the related links.


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