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Read the instructions first. It is difficult to fug up this job because you can install them backwards or upside down. Take a good look at them and learn how they work,

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Q: How do you install a double action spring hinge for saloon doors?
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How do you put a door hinge spring on?

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How do you install double action spring hinges?

If the doors that you are installing these hinges on is a double door you need six double acting spring hinges to do the job. 1. Hang one of the hinges 3" from the top of the door. 2.The next hinges must hang 2"-3" from the first top hinges. 3.Then hang the final spring hinges 4"-5" from the bottom of the door. This step work for double swing doors or single doors.

Double action hinges?

Double action hinges are used to allow a door to open in both directions like the old saloon doors of the wild west days. You will also see this type hinge on the doors leading into kitchens in restaurants so that the wait staff can go through it in either direction because they always have their hands full and need that type of door to make their job easier. This hinge can be spring loaded so that it returns to the closed postion.

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