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On the 8 valve models (most 94's, except California models) it is simple, according to the number and size of belts, it varies a bit.. in general: A normal 8 valve 1.6 with Power Steering, NO Air Conditioning. You will have two belts on this model. The Power Steering to Crank Pulley belt, and the Alternator to Fan to Crank Pulley belt.. I am assuming that is the one you need, as it is the one that actually drives the fan. This belt is closest to the engine, so you have to remove any belt that is further from the engine first, in this case the Power Steering belt. To do that, you must loosen TWO 12mm Bolts. One is on top and easy to see, you will need a box end wrench, as most socket and ratchets won't clear the oil filter. Loosen that bolt a couple of turns, don't remove it, it is just the pivot bolt for the adjustment of the power steering pump. The other bolt is on the bottom of the pump, accessible through a hole in the power steering belt pulley, just turn the pulley until the hold lines up with the 12mm bolt. Use a socket, with a short extension. Loosen this a couple of turns. Now you should be able to move the pump towards the engine, loosening the belt for removal. Once that belt is out of the way (may vary if you have AC, or don't have Power Steering) you move on to the fan/alt belt. Once again, two 12mm bolts hold the alternator in position. One is accessible from the top, it's behind the alternator and is fairly easy to get a socket and ratchet on. loosen it a couple of turns. The second is under the alternator, and it is easily reached lying under the front of the car, you don't even need to jack it up. Again, socket and ratchet work fine here. After loosening the alternator you have to remove the belts from the pulleys, and then kinda work it around the fan, blade by blade till it's off. Work the new fan belt (or whatever belt is closest to the engine) around the fan and onto the correct pulleys. Tighten the bolts both upper and lower just a little, wo where you can JUST barely move the alternator through its adjustment, then, working from above, put your ratchet/socket on the bolt behind the alternator and be ready to tighten, with an appropriate prying device *be careful to not damage aluminum housing or nearby components* apply pressure to hold the alternator tight, also making the belt tight. With the other hand, tighten the top bolt. Tighten the bottom bolt from underneath and test to see that the belt is quite taut. If not, retigten, after 100 miles or so, check it again, as these type belts do wear into the pulleys, and get a little looser over time. Replace the other belt/s at the same time, reversing the process. The bolt that you access through the pulley is the one that you will tighten as you hold tension on the power steering pump. Once again, tighten that one first to hold the adjustment, then tighten the upper bolt last. Recheck all belts for tightness.. Get all the tools out from under the hood.. stand back, and test start and run the engine, watching to make sure you put everything back correctly. You are done.. enjoy your Tracker!!

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Q: How do you install a fan belt into a 1994 Geo Tracker?
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