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[1]The easiest (perhaps the best) way, is go to Best Buy or Circuit City and get the appropriate accomodating wiring harness adapter. This will have the "male" plug to the original "female" plug on the harness in the Jeep to the original factory/stock stereo. The free leads/wires will colour correspond to the aftermarket stereo wire arrangement: Any wire with a black stripe should correspond to the negative side of any speaker in the vehicle with the aftermarket wiring system. [A] Green wires are for front left. [B] White wires are for rear left. [C]Gray wires are for front right. [D] Purple wires are for rear right. Notice the front wire coding colours begin with "GR". [E] Yellow is for clock. [F] Red is 12v hot. [G] Black naturally is ground the world around. The sucky situation with the factory wiring harness is that the "electrician" at Chrysler didn't really seem to have a method for his madness, consequently there is not a logical scheme to follow. [2] The hard (cheapest, perhaps the more time consuming of the two] way, is to splice wires using trailer signal wire splicers/clips. These splicer/clips perserve the original wire without actually cutting a wire from the plug/harness, BUT ONE MUST KNOW THE WIRE DIAGRAM for the stock stereo system. The dealerships are buttheads typically about this information and let's not even speak of the factory at Daimler/Chrysler. So, you have no idea how much it pleaseS me to provide you with the information right here: On my jeep, [A] Brown with Blue Stripe is neg side of front left, while Brown with Yellow Stripe is for pos side of front left. [B] Brown with Red Stripe is neg side for rear left, while Green is pos side of rear left. [C] Blue with Red Stripe is neg for front right, while Purple is pos for front right. [D] Blue with Orange Stripe is neg for rear right, while Blue with White Stripe is pos for rear right. This next colour sequence was the irritating one, [E] Pink IS FOR THE CLOCK. Naturally, [F] Red is 12v hot, but one couldn't be absolutely certain with this colour logic. Finally, [G] Black is ground, again one wouldn't want to assume based on this system. [3] Regarding the front 4 x 6 speakers, DO NOT expect your Haynes manual to be much help. IF YOU HAVE AIR CONDITIONING in your jeep wrangler this is tricky, but approachable. If you don't it will be much easier. Notice the six or seven torx bolts you have on the left and right ends of the dash. There should be three in the triangular plate between the windshield and dash and three or four down the side edges. Remove these, don't worry between the roll bars and the windshield hinges everything should remain intact. The dash is "free", BUT what'll need to be done is to JUST tilt the bottom of it out toward the front seats. Now the 4 x 6 speaker backs will be easier to access for removal. There are just 4 small pathetic excuses for nuts securing each speaker in place. The factory plugs will not work with the aftermarket speakers, just reference the colour coding above and splice in respectively. ON THIS JOB with the 4 x 6 speakers, I will say I'd rather set my hair on fire and beat it out with a set of track spikes as to go through learning it the hard way again. [4] Take good notes as you go for posterity's sake, e-mail this, cut and paste to as many forum/inquiry sites as possible or e-mail me at for further questions.

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Q: How do you install an aftermarket stereo in 1994 Jeep Wrangler?
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