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How do you install an inside door handle for a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban?

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October 09, 2008 7:48PM

1. Remove the screws from the armrest, down deep. There are 2 of

them. 2. Remove the outer door (suede side) by prying it up with a

long handled screwdriver near the plastic gromets that hold it in.

(you can buy a helpful tool at the auto supply, looks a bit

like a weeding tool, for about $7 that make the job a little

easier) 3. When the suede/leather cover is off, you remove

the hexhead screws from the inside of the door. 4. Un-snap the long

metal rods from the peice you are trying to remove, as well as any

remaining electrical wires. (typically they will have clips

on one or both sides that need lifted or raised to allow removal of

the plug) 5. At this point, have a cold beer and think

about vacationing in Colorado. 6. Back to reality. In order to

remove the inner door, you must slide the wheels from the window

unit, out of the window assembly. (I did not find this a

necessary action - just went to #8) 7. Now you may remove

the inner door. 8. Drill through the one rivet holding the door

lock in place. 9. Slide the door handle assewmbly out of it's

socket and you are ready to change it out. 10. Place the new door

handle assembly in the socket and use a screw in place of the rivet

you drilled out. (cost is about $55 for the new handle at the

dealer. Also, if you have a rivet gun, that works well too)

11. Put everything back together in reverse order. 12. Finish that

beer and celebrate with the little woman.

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