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There are many different variables that will effect the actual parts needed. You will need a Wiring Kit which provides the power wire from the battery to the amp, Ground wire from the Chassis to the Amp, a remote wire that if your keeping the stock head unit you'll hook up to the switched power behind the head unit, and RCA's (Size of power wire depends on how big of an amplifier your going to use. If the amp is 800 watts or more RMS you'll want 4 gauge power wire) If you are keeping the stock head unit then you will need a down converter which makes RCA outputs from the rear speakers. So if your keeping the stock head unit you need to pull that out and hook the down converter onto the rear speaker wires, That will give you a place to put the RCA's you got from the Wiring kit. If you have an after market head unit you just hook the RCA's to the back of the head unit and hook the remote wire to the Blue/White wire on the head unit. You'll run the RCA's and the remote wire from behind the head unit to the Drivers kick panel using zip ties so it doesn't hang or get in the way of your feet. Then from the battery you'll run the Power wire to the drivers side of the engine compartment and drill a hole in the fire wall big enough for the wire to fit through a snap grommet that is absolutely needed. If you don't grommet the power wire, the sharp edges of the hole you drilled can cut through the shielding grounding out the power wire and can light your entire car on fire. Make sure you leave the fuse out of the power wire so its not hot while your running it to the trunk. Now that you have the power wire through the fire wall it should meet up with the RCA's and the remote wire that you ran to the kick panel. Remove the kick plates and run the wire under the very edge of the carpet back to the trunk. Once you get those three things back there you need to figure out where your going to mount the amp. I would recommend the back of the sub woofer box. Find a place maybe under the edge of the trunk carpet where you see bare metal. Scrape the paint away and get some self tapping screws and screw the ground wire onto the bare metal. Now you should have Power, Ground, RCA's and a remote wire in your trunk. Hook those up to the amp and run the speaker wires to the subs and your all set up for bass. Fuse the power wire under the hood and your good to go.

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Q: How do you install sub woofers in a 2001 Mitsubishi Montero?
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