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How do you join the US Army?

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Your desire is to be respected. This is a very mature and patriotic decision. there are a number of things for you to consider. First, you will need to earn your high school diploma before you can enlist. It is possible to enlist on delayed entry prior to your graduation, but you will have to be 17.5 years old also. You will be required to pass the ASVAB with a minimum GT score of 90. Contact a recruiter now for information. Find out what path you want to take: infantry, artillery, MP, medical, aviation, adminstration, transportation, etc. Ask your recruiter to help you prepare for the path you choose, and most importantly, when you sign your contract, make certain everything, everything you want is included in writing in that contract. Get the most from the experience. And thank you for your desire to serve.

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Can you join the US army with herpes?

You can join the army if you have herpes.

How can a Jamaica join the US army?

A Jamaican can join the US Army if they have a green card or they are a naturalized citizen.

Can you join the US army if you have genital warts?

Yes you still can join the army.

How can a Jamaica join the US army-?

The only way a Jamaican can join the US Army is if they are a citizen of the US or has a green card. You can speak to a US Army recruiter in your are for more details.

Can Midgets Join The Army?

Minimum height to join the US Army is 60" (5').

Why do children join the army?

Children do not join the US Army. There is an exception for someone 17.5 years old to join the Army, with parental consent.

Do you have to be a US citizen to join the US army?

No - but the Army will give you the opportunity to become a a US Citizen

What year did obama join the US army?

He was never in the Army.

Can you join the army without a GED?

A high school diploma or GED is required to join the US Army.

At 30 can you still join the Army?

Yes, many 30-year-olds join the US Army.

What is the age limit to join the us army?

The age limit to join the Army is 42 years old.

i am a non-citizen. would i qualify to join the army?

can a no legal status join the US army???

How can you apply to join US Army?

Enlistment is through US Army Recruitment Command exclusively. To enlist in the US Army, contact your local US Army Recruiter.

How can an illegal immigrant join the army to become a us citizen?

You can't join the U.S. Army if you're illegal...

Can a visa holder join the US army?


Is Illegal alien can join us army or no?


How old do you have to be to join the US army?


Can a Bulgarian citizen join the US army?


How can a Jamaican join the army?

No matter what country of origin, a non-citizen/ non-resident cannot join the US military without first gaining citizenship.Currently only US citizens are allowed to join the US Army. If a Jamaican has a green card, they may join the Army if they meet requirements.

Does every American living outside the US have to join the US Army?

Not even every US citizen living outside the US has to join the US army. Certainly people from other American countries do not have to.

Can a US-citizen join the Irish Army?

No. You must be a citizen an EU country in order to join the Irish Army

What online Deploma does the US army let you join?

You must have a GED or HS Diploma to join the United States Army.

Can you join the US army if you have diabetes insipidus?

No, sorry.

Can you join the US Army if you have tourettes?

Quite unlikely.

How can a jamaican join the us army from jamaica?