How do you keep birds away from your pool?

We tried placing old and unused CDs on the rail for our above ground pool as suggested by Hawaii and it worked.

There are high priced 'high frequency' bird repelling systems that you can buy, but they recommend that you use them in conjunction with the 'Terror Eyes Balls'.

You might try a fountain to spray up water to see if that helps.

An air rifle helps some (The sound scares them off temporarily).

Try rubber snakes. Lifelike, colorful snakes.

Use fishing line and string an X formation or grid (depending on size) Birds see 10 more than we do it will keep them from Flying above the pool, while not being an eye sore to the user.

I just destroy the nests before they have a chance to fully build them.

"Mr. Flip". It cost about $15 dollars. It is a 48" tall inflatable dolphin that is weighted in the bottom so it stands straight up.

Try a product called 'No More Ducks' from Australia.

The TerrorEyes balloon moves itself. The holographic eyes follow birds wherever they go, terrifying them and causing them to leave an area.

We used a product here in Australia called Kings Duck Solution. We simply painted it on the area the ducks were standing (poolside) and they left and have not returned. Great.