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How do you keep your Rover Metro L reg 1.1 from overheating?

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βˆ™ 2015-07-15 19:24:13

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If it has electric fans? If so, are they coming on? If the vehicle has a mechanical fan clutch instead, maybe it quit working. If all this is good then-

Start with the thermostat. After changing it, and it is still having an issue with overheating, then the radiator will be suspect as being clogged, and will need to be flushed. Depending on the age of your vehicle, it may be a good idea to go ahead and have this done. And the only thing left would be the water pump. It is very rare, but impellers have been known to erode away (metal) and plastic ones have disentigrated, or fallen off their hubs.

2015-07-15 19:24:13
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Would 15 inch alloy wheels fit on to a 1995 N registration rover metro?

No They will not fit because the rear subfram is in the way.. 14" maximum on N reg rover 100/metro

What are the torque wrench settings for the cylinder head bolts and camshaft bolts for a Rover Metro 1100cc 93reg?

initially you tighten all bost to 28 newton metres then you angle tighten by 90 degrees leave for 5 mins and angle tighten by another 90 degrees this information was supplied to me by a trained rover mechanic i did it on my metro 1.1 on a j reg and it was fine

How can you find out who a vehicle is registered to by using the VIN number?

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Where is the fuel pump on a rover 220 turbo 1991?

where is theb fuel pump on a rover 220 turbo k reg

What petrol does a rover 200 r reg take?

Unleaded 95 RON

Where is the timing marks rover 25 1.4?

can you tell what are the marks for a rover 25 14 on a 52 reg for got to mark it up thanks

Where is the fuel pump on a rover 200 1.4 16valve s reg?

inside the petrol tank

Where is the relay for the glow plugs on your Rover 400 diesel P reg?

against the bulkhead, next to the ecu

What type of oil do you need for a s reg rover 414?

10W-40 (per the haynes manual)

Your srs light keeps coming on you have a rover 214 r reg what does this mean?

it means there is a fault with your airbag system,

Torque settings for a cylinderhead on a Rover 400 v reg?

30 nm 180 degrees repeat 180 degrees.

Can you help Petition to keep reg hollis in the bill?

There is a petition at:

What does srs light on dashboard indicate rover p reg 214?

SRS light indicates airbag fault, if this is showing then you should get your car checked.

What type of oil in a rover 214 p reg?

I use the 10w40 type. Good for environmental temperatures ranging from -20 up to 40°C.

Did the Austin metro come with automatic transmission?

yes... on the 1.3 ltr engine methinks.. worked on a H reg bout 15 yrs ago..

How do you change clutch on land-rover freelander?

how difficult is it to change a clutch on a freelander 51 reg td4 can any one give me any tips

Where is the thermostatlocationfor a rover 400 1998 r reg?

Its located under the inlet manifold rear of the engine. if you look at number one injector its dirctly below.

How do you get key access code for rover 416i n reg?

Take you logbook and 2 forms of id to your local rover dealer they normally charge £20 for this service then they will give you a four digit code this has to be entered via the door lock so it can overide the imobiliser

How tall is Reg Reg Askew?

Reg Reg Askew is 5' 11".

Where is the thermostat located on a rover 400 turbo diesel R reg?

it is located in the boot of the car, to gain access you have to remove the rear and front bumper and is located on the inside of the boot.

What does P reg mean?

they are the supes that have different labels on the reg like P reg,L reg,M reg and so on

When I changed the oil there was water in it oil grey and sludge like water level going down white smoke i have 214i rover p reg?

You better change your head gaskets!!!

What is the birth name of Reg Reg Askew?

Reg Reg Askew's birth name is Reginald Askew.

How do you change the power steering belt on a Rover 218 sd L reg hatchback car?

if i remember correctly the bolt you are looking for is on the back of the pump losen all bolts and all should be fine

What does srs light on dashboard indicate rover n reg 214?

if the engine is running and the red srs light is on. it indicates that the airbag/bags are not working correctly. if the light is on then goes out when the ignition is on. they are functioning correctly