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He will let you know. If he is being nice then you would know the difference between being nice and liking you. Pay attention to how he treat people who he is being nice to and compare it to the way he is treating you. If the boy really likes you, he will give you signs and let you know just maybe not so soon.


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Maybe, but he probably just likes her better Probably is trying to make you jealous. To make you want him! And he could just not want to show that he likes you. OR maybe because he knows that you know he likes you, and he's embarrased.

Maybe that person likes you or is just trying to be nice.

Why don't you find out if he likes you before you start trying to get over him... if you don't know, maybe he likes you and you can have him! (hint: ask him out!)

Maybe she is still trying to get to know the real you,give her time and don't pressure her.

Maybe that guy likes you, and they know about it and are just snickering. Or maybe they just like you.

you ask him or you email him or just think he does and maybe he will

well if she tells you she does. or maybe you should just ask her.

yes it means he like's you but he just dont want to tell you because he doesn't know if you like him

She is trying to be nice and complement you so maybe you will get interested in her and maybe ask her out. All i know is that she wants something from you.

Maybe he's trying to avoid you because he knows that you know that he likes you so for him its weird to be around you. Maybe if you have the guts ask him why he's been avoiding you, if you don't have the guts maybe have one of your friends do it for you.

Just A theory but... Maybe he knows himself? You know in twilight how James just had to have Bella? Well its kinder like that, just up for the chase and once he has you throws you away. Maybe hes trying to protect you? If not that why don't you ask him?

Not necessarily! It might just mean he's a jerk trying for a one night stand... If you know him for a while...MAYBE... Otherwise, consider moving on...

it could possibly mean he likes you, he's just trying to find out who you like for his friend or he just want to know, etc

He likes like a friend and maybe likes you as a girlfriend at first but maybe he came out of a bad relationship wait for about 1 month if you can and maybe your just not pretty enough I know I just haven't been said no from a boy though in my whole life I had about 30 boyfriends

She likes you and doesn't know how to get your attention in no other way , or maybe she's just plain out mean or crazy

Maybe you are trying to impress him so much until he hates you maybe you are a stocker just maybe i know how it feel because it happened to me.

well if she flirts with you then maybe, but she might just be trying to mess with you and make you jealous(which is good-for you anyway), and then flirt with her a lil and see what happens

Just be like i dont really know you but maybe if we got to know each other that would be cool

He's just trying to play hard to get. Ignore him and he will come to you if he really likes you.

Maybe he just felt sorry for you. Or maybe he still likes you. Or maybe he was sad and he thought he'd feel better if he kissed you. You can never know for sure.

This is more of advice, If you want to know if a boy likes you, JUST ASK!!! Sure maybe he'll laugh and say no, depends on the guy, but hey, at least he knows and maybe he'll consider it and also at least you told him and know he knows how feel. :)

Well yes she might have a crush on you and is trying to give you signs that she likes you! What I would do if I were you I would become friends with her and maybe you might just come more than friends!

No there is not it is good to have friends but maybe someone likes you more than a friend and you just don't know it.

Well, you will know if a boy likes you if he is constantly looking at you, if your popular, and if he just smalls or waves. Maybe you should try talking to him.

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